The time is near

Armageddon it! Armageddon it!! Def Leppard rocks hard! hahahha

Yes, in a few short days, we will be moved into my in-laws. If anybody would like to supply me with an ample surplus of alcohol or Tums I won't turn you down. It won't be fun but at least when we move out, it will simply be moving boxes and not boxing everything other than clothes and other personal affects.

I have an interview tomorrow with WHOOPS...errr now I won't say who because they don't like that name. lol It's promising as I have seen the prereqs and I didn't think I'd be qualified for the temp position. Simply getting an interview shows how much I know. I have a few theories on why but it doesn't really matter. Thinking about how I got the interview won't help my mental state tomorrow. I applied to a position at Fluor Daniel for an IT consultant, their version of Database deverloper. I think I have a good chance of getting to the interview level. I know at least three different people who work there, or there abouts. I'll pull strings...I telll you...I willl!!!

This is also probably gonna be the last post from me for a week or more. I'm killing the internet here on Friday and then we gots to get setup over there. Who knows how long that will take if I get a job. I hope I get something at Fluor. I do like the WSU part time that I have now. It's different and it promises to make me learn something. haha

So, if you need to contact me, you can use escaflowne75@yahoo.com or invadersil[at]gmail[dot]com. I'll miss my charter email addresses. *sniff* Hmmmph, parting is so sweet sorrow. so, good bye. for now.....


Taking the "cool" out of School

You're left with sh. Anyway, a school district up in Puyallup has said that students don't get to dress up for Halloween. Takes away from the learning they say. But don't you have to have learning first before you can take it away? I really don't want to get into imaginary numbers here. School was never fun and now, for some kids in Puyallup, it will be like living in prison. Oh? What's that you say? The schools look just like a prison, metal detectors and all? Wow...

Ok, that's the dirt...I only dish it out.


Free Time

Techinically, I don't have any free time. In reality, I'm wasting it right now. I gots to leave for wine(o) job in about an hour. I still gots packing to do and reviews to write. I'm thinking of telling temp people that I can't be working everyday. I need to move. Sure, I'll lose a little bit of money, but how would it be any different from before? Ok, well that's it. Thought I'd post something to let you all know I'm still alive.



No snappy title today. I'm depressed beyond belief...but here's a comic strip that brought laughter up from the darkness.



I think I have said earlier about I hated wine. I still hate wine. But when you haven't eaten all day (cept for a sandwich and some cookies) one glass will do you in fine. I got a bottle from the winery I work at. It was free and unmarked. I have no idea what kind it is. My sister claims to like the wines from this winery (The Hogue Cellers). I claim that if you don't eat food, it will knock you off your feet. But yes, public knowledge already. Lucky I don't have to work until 4.


I Soar

And I have a blister and I smell like wine. Gah. And that's just the first day.

Today I started a temp job at a winery in Prosser. I've never been to a winery before. The first clue I was in a winery was that it smelled like wine. I hate wine. Oh well. It's not very mind fulfilling. There's lot of shoveling. And there's a possibility of going left-over grape diving. I'm not looking forward to the last one. I'll probably end up there through the end of October or when grape season is over. Which ever comes last. I could also be working every day. You know, I like money as much as the next guy, but working 7 days a week just doesn't do it for me. I'm freaking tired right now, but I must stay up an hour or two longer to prepare for the long weeks ahead. That's freaking great. We're moving and I'll be holed up in a grape bin.


A movie for your viewing pleasure

Here's yet another clever short film over at Atom Films. Taa taa for now.

From the "huh?" department

Most of us live in and around Richland. We're all pretty familiar with the building of Kadlec Medical Center for the last year or so. It's looks like it's almost done with it's new buildings and what not. But wait...I said almost done. That's right, peeps, Kadlec isn't done yet. According to this article from the Tri-City Herald, this fall they are going to start construction on a $59 million 6 story expansion which could be made into 10 stories. Anyway, this gave me pause. I scratched my head (the one on top of my body) and went "huh?".

I guess I'm not an insider. Maybe the political fallout I've seen from several sources has jaded my vision. Something is wrong with me as I really don't see the need for another building after their current expansion. Is there some population growth that's being predicted? I dunno. Maybe there's an actual need for it. Of course there's always that added jobs thing that comes along with a new six story building. New doctors, new nurses, new janitors, and (my favorite) new IT people to support those new floors. Of course, come 2010 there could be a new 4 year university here. I'd love to be on the ground floor of that project.

Anyway, I'm just wondering aloud this early morn.


Cheap Pop, on the rocks

I lump any kind of pop for which I can get 2 2-liter bottles for under $1.50. Last week it was Code Red(which I went through in two days). This week it's Fred Meyer brand cheap pop. Citrus Drop or something like that. It's suppose to be like Mountain Dew. I think it's closer to something else off the mountain.

So, the point being I've been drinking lots of pop that has originated from 2 liter bottles. I've gone through countless glasses drinking said pop. I've also been using ice. A lot of ice. I think I refill an ice tray once a day, sometimes more. It's kind of annoying specially when your faucet decides it will stop flowing water into the trays. Basicly, from our faucet, you can have a little trickle of water which takes a long time to fill up or you can have a blast of water which will soak everything within a 5 foot radius. Our sink is stupid. A hold over from the 50's when this place was built. Along with minimal power outlets. But I digress...

This ice is wonderful. If I am quick enough, I can hurry back to the fridge after I have drained the sweet, sweet, nectar to refill my cup before the ice gets a chance to melt. This can only mean less work for me. And really, it is. I don't need any theories or hypotheses to prove me wrong here. I also get the added benefit of me running (about 15 feet upstairs) to the fridge. I'm burning calories at the same time working less. Some might call that efficiency?

However, there is a downside to ice (as I take a sip from ice-filled cup). As ice sits over time, it will tend to freeze together with other chunks within the glass. This isn't as bad as it sounds. The bad thing happens is when you take a sip from the glass, the ice will suddenly change position within the glass only to have the sweet, sweet, nectar flow directly onto your face and down your shirt. Fortunately, I'm currently wearing a free shirt (I got from Cyan Worlds) that I mainly only wear when I mow the lawn. I didn't mow the lawn today. I should have as the weather is suppose to turn crappy...but I digress again.

So, yeah. Ice is fun. But ice can also be messy. Remember that.

Wal-Mart: Slashing everything...

Slashing can be used only for one thing: cutting things. Wal-Mart is know for cutting prices. Sure, that maybe true. But what else is Wal-Mart slashing?

I've been reading tonight several different articles about the badness of Wal-Mart. I was spurred by seeing a few commercials they have produced claiming that workers at their stores are happy people. So far, I have seen two different 30 second spots this week. I'm not sure when they first came out but I can be sure that they appeared shortly after this report about Wal-Mart and California that was published in early August of this year. I don't know if I need to rehash everything that's been said before. I certainly don't have anything new to add. "Don't buy Wal-Mart", "Wal-Mart is the Devil", blah blah, etc...In some what defense of their questionable pay practices, back in June, Wal-Mart announced an overhaul of they pay structure. It will probably result to a whole bunch of nothing. I dunno. I'm not an employee there. Not now, not ever.

I read one story where back in 2000, a bunch of meat cutters at one store decided to unionize. However, Wal-Mart one upped them and decided to kill off all the meat cutter departments in all the stores and go with pre-wrapped stuff. That seems mighty drastic, specially for just one store. It would be an interesting experiment to see if at one store if all the clothing employees would unionize. Clothing is a big chunk of change for Wal-Mart, I'm sure. Could they or would they do the same thing?

I really do try not to go there. I had to get a battery there the other day, but it wasn't my money buying it. Yet a tightrope I walk. Anyway, I thought I throw this out. Kind of ho-hum. Just remember, I like to write. :)

Interesting, to say the least

So, cruising the local ads online, I discover that the one job I had applied to (see this post) is once again posted. This is the third time it's been posted in three weeks. I have this astonishing ability to apply to jobs I have no chance of getting. It's my super powers. And I use it wisely. I have this other ability to clear a room in about a minute.

Anyway, things are same. *sigh*


To the guy...

...who did a search for Seattle seahawks suck, surprised to find my site which I put them down but yet still love them with all my heart? I bet you were. Yet I hardly believe anybody would do a search for that after de-throning the 49er of their 420+ game streak of no shut outs, leading the NFL with the least amount of points scored against them, and 2nd longest current streak of home wins (I'm stretching on this one). This is the best I have seen Seattle play...ever. The biggest problem they have had was scoring points in the second half. Now they seem to have the worked out. They still need to work on those dropped balls per game thing. I can only see Seattle getting better this year. After Chad Brown is back, expect a solid defense ready for anybody, even that wiley Manning QB for the Colts. So please, sit back, and enjoy that feeling of you being wrong.


A splat from the past

Most of my readers are my age, give or take a few years, or older. So, there is no doubt in my mind that many people will be delighted to be able to live a few minutes in their past with this website. I would like to give a shout out to Cabbage Patch Kids. Without their support, that website and happy memories of my youth wouldn't be possible. PROPS!!