"A Lost Hope, A Star Wars Story"

As most of you know, I have a soft spot for Star Wars Fan Films. Some of them are pretty good. A lot of them are pretty bad. I am here to report one of the good ones. It's called A Lost Hope. It's a parody of Episode III. And it's funny as hell. Well, in that amateur kind of way. Anyway, thanks to Blue's News for posting the link. I always appreciate the great stuff I find there!


The next wave of Outsourcing

Well, will the stupidity ever cease? Nope, specially in Herminston, OR. A McDonalds along Highway 395 is outsourcing their drive thru order taking to some place in North Dakota because the minimun wage is lower. Well gee...why did they stop there? Why not go directly to India? All you'll have to deal with is seconds of delay and some person who you won't be able to understand 80% of the time. You know, one day, there won't be anybody left in the US to buy anything. The Government will have to implement one hell of Tourist Industry package to keep this coutnry a float. lol


My Entertainment

Sometimes, I have things I need to do. And when I do, I go to the two new links on my sidebar. Popcap games and Digitially Imported Radio.

Popcap has the best web games. I personally like Zuma and Bejewled 2. I have Bejewled on my cell phone, but it eats the battery pretty quick so I thought I'd go play it on my computer. So, if you need to go do something, stop here first and suddently you won't have time to do what you had to do in the first place.

At Digitally Imported Radio, I like to listen to the Euro Dance channel. If I need to think and work, I'll listen to the Trance channel. Down further you'll find a classical and jazz station. Also very pleasing to the ears.

Well, if you didn't finish something because of Popcap, don't blame me. I already blame me enough. :P


Puyallup at it again

Some kids had started a fundraiser for the Tsunami victions in Southeast Asia. Isn't that cool? Oh, wait, they were doing it Puyallup where Halloween can't be had anymore because of wicca activities, or something like that.

The boys were gonna start a video game tourny featuring none other than Halo 2. It was sure to gross a decent chunk of change of donations. But, the stupid school district nixed it. Why? Cause Halo 2 is too violent. Thanks to Fark to list the story. I'm sure it will get around fast enough.

Something else, real quick

Go here! Tee hee!

The Best Sushi in the World

I have finally found it. The best sushi in the world. And now, here it is, Twinkie Sushi. Enjoy!


Holy Sweet...

Here's some more disturbing news from the stupid front. The US might be planning an attack on Iran. That's just great, just fucking great. Yes world, come hate us some more. But we're in the right cause "God" is on our side. That last statement is kind of speculative but right up there with what the Dubba would say.

You know, instead of people running to the UK, Canada, Mexico, anywhere but within the US, people should be calling for impeachment. Last time I checked, a democracy was one of those "For the people, by the people" kind of thing. Bush was wrong in Iraq and now he's gonna be shifting the focus of wrongness to Iran. His wrongness needs to corrected by way of our legal system. Nixon got the ax for simply finding a way to get re-elected. Bush has killed at least a 1000 of our own plus who knows how many Iraqi and others. Don't you think there's a little difference here? I sure as hell do.


Acknowledgment, step one

I have a problem. The first indication that I had a problem was when I was denying it. I do this thing all the time. But no, it was a problem. It was at first hobby, a mere distraction to keep my mind off of the blahs of the modern day. But then, my hobby turned into an obsession. I needed it. I can't live without it. It's all I think about. When I sleep, I dream about it. When I'm awake, I dream about it. Yes, I have an addiction. I have an addiction to playing Halo 2 on XBox Live.

Last night, I played until 7am. I played, played, and played some more. I sucked at each game. There was the occasional 3rd or 2nd place win, but it was mostly 7th and 8th out of 8 players. My hands were cold. Everything thing was cold. But I played. I played until I thought I could win. I lost one game and thought I could do better the next game. But it never happened. I would start out well and end at the end. Or I would start out bad and end last. It didn't matter. I probably would have played until my eyes bled.

So, now that I acknowleged my problem, I will address it accordingly, by playing Halo 2 through the night, each night, until I am rank 13.


"Apply theory sticker here" -->

Couple of things tonight. Some of you might have heard that backwoodsy area Cobb County in Georgia (you know, that part that lost some war 150 years ago)has been ordered to remove those silly theory stickers from their bio text books that discuss evolution. It's about time they did that. I'm getting real tired of the creationist people trying to still push their crap on the world. I'm still looking at it today. I mean, come on guys! Come out from the 15th century to the 21st. *sigh*

Second, there's a huge discussion over at Slashdot about this same topic. Those boys and girls who read Slashdot really have some good brains on their shoulders. I applaud all the non-trolls there. *clap*


Another season, the same results

*sigh* So did you see the Seahawks screw up? I did. I saw everything cept for the last 21 seconds, you know, that time after Seattle couldn't convert on 4th down. Why do they even bother with getting a decent seed in the playoffs if they are just gonna piss it all away. I just don't understand Seahawk behavior.

I was really really grumpy yesterday. After the game that is. But then we went to my sister's house for my niece's birthday party. I felt better after that. Anyway, that's that for now. Lets all hope for a better season next year. *sigh*



It would seem that I have been doing a whole bunch of nothing in the last few weeks. I may have been playing Halo 2 but that's not productive. I look at the same websites, hoping for a new update, constantly. Again, not productive. I have been very lazy. I'm getting nothing done. All I want to do is sleep and play Halo 2. I'm getting tired of it. I need to fill my time with productive things. But when I sit in front of my computer, I just sit. *sigh* I dunno. Maybe I'm not cut out to be working with computers when computers seems like a vice to me. I'm also pissed all the time. I get agitated very easily. Frustration sets in. I can't get anything done. I'm going to sleep now. Maybe I'll have dreams of better times...


On the Job Front, again

*sigh* Got an email from Seattle company saying they didn't want to move forward with me. Isn't that typical. Oh well. I still have that local opportunity still in the queue. Either I'm hungry or sick to my stomach that I can't find a job....I think I'm gonna find a dark corner somewhere and hibernate for the rest of the winter.