NASA and their lies!

I tell you it's true! Google Says So! With the advent of awesome map technology, Google has finally discovered the truth that NASA has hidden since 1969! Be sure to zoom in all the way.

In other news, James Doohan has pass on. While Star Trek was never a favorite with me, Scotty was one of the few likeable characters. It was James that brought that character to life. This non-Trekkie gives a few moments of silence.


To know your church is to know love

Damn those Texans! So arrogant and full of themselves. People who leave Texas, whom I know one, have good reasons to not go back. I'm not if it was a good idea to have them taken in by the union way back when. Anyway...

So, some church in Texas has soo many sheep that they need a freaking coliseum to "teach" its doctrine has actually bought a coliseum for their sheep. Check this out over at CNN.com. The former playing ground for the Houston Rockets is now a training ground for the weak minded. Does this bother me at all? Not in the least. They're in Texas while I'm still here in Washington. We're not part of Jesusland, remember? What bugs the hell out of me is a quote from their ignorant governor, you know the same state that gave us <sarcasm>wonderful President Dubya</sarcasm>. So, here it is if you haven't skipped right there to read it:

As lawmakers we do a lot of things, but only the church can teach people to love. - Texas Gov. Rick Perry

That's right Rick. Only the church can teach people to love. I guess I have live my whole life as a lie. The love I know is fake. And of course we all know this to mean only the Christian church can do this. If you're Muslim, you're SOL. If you have Buddha in your life, kiss your love for him goodbye.

I just don't get it. Why is it always with Christians that it's their way or they'll beat the snot out of you until you agree? I'm almost certain that not everybody in Texas are brainwashed. There are a few that actually think before speaking. Their governor just dropped his drawers over the minority, which include the above thinkers, and said "Like it!" He doesn't care. He'll get whatever next term they vote for. If I were one those poor souls in Texas who were just told that one of their basic human emotions doesn't exist, I would certainly up and leave. Go anywhere. Leave Middle-Jesusland and come to Canada...err I mean Western Washington.

I really don't know. Will critical thinking ever come to the majority in the US? It might not come about in my life time. I can only hope it comes in my son's.


Friday was too good

Eh, so work on Friday was ok as work goes. Nothing really going on that would cause unneeded stress. On my way to work, I saw a cop had pulled over a motorcyclist! That marked a good day! I finished up with getting some much needed items for Dawn's computer.

However, that good stuff didn't last to the late afternoon of today. I installed the rest of Dawn's hardware and finally put on XP. I'm telling ya, it's a hassle! I'm buying a whole computer next time! :P So, the pieces left over from my computer and Dawn's was going into Dave's. But alas, that was not meant to be.

My intention was to use my old MoBo which included a somewhat faster processor than what he had already. It already included 512MB of RAM so he'd be set. Unfortunately, it locked one too many times when I was trying to install Win98 on it. I had other problems as well which leads me to believe that the mobo is shot. That's pretty crappy. I could go buy the same stuff I stuck into Dawn's machine but with a lower end processor as he really doesn't need it.

Anyway, this has been two weekends in a row messing with computers. Time for a rest. I need to do something else. I need to design a game. *sigh*


l33t n33d nat app1y h3r3

So, I got Guild Wars for my updated computer last Saturday. It's pretty cool as MMO goes. But there's just one problem: There be elitist ass wipes in yonder game.

That's right. The same dumbasses that inhabit the space of Halo and Xbox Live also exist within the MMOs that garner high praise. I'm surprised that "they" actually know how to type. Some of them don't know how to talk, that's for damn sure. This is unfortunately as I was growing to like Guild Wars. No subscription fees was a bonus. But now that the people who suck the fun out of playing get randomly teamed up with me on my first outing beyond the main area, it's not so much fun. I wonder if I should even make games for the those types.

So, I dunno really. It's depressing that I shell out $50 for a game and it turns out it filled with more than just bugs. I guess I should have seen it coming. But what if...there was a way to make games fun again? What if? Yeah, I know. It's a pipe dream. *sigh*


The Joy of new computer parts

But first, Voltron gets served.

So, this last check was nice. It is one of three this month. And you know what that means? New computer parts!! And what's cooler is I'm getting parts for two computers! I would have liked to spend it all on me. After all, my computer is a development platform for games. :P

So, what I got for my computer is:

  • 80GB SATA hard drive

  • Asus nVidia 6600 video card with a whooping 128 megs of ram!

  • DVD writer

Here's what I got for Dawn's computer:

  • my old 40GB IDE hard drive up from two ~10GB drives

  • Asus nVidia 5200 video card with a whooping 128 megs of ram!(which is a lot compared to what was in there before)

  • A new motherboard with an AMD Athlon XP 2700+ processor and associated CPU fan

  • 512MB of PC3200 RAM up from 256MB of PC133

  • my old DVD-ROM drive (once I find some rails for the case)

While installing her pieces yesterday, I found that one of her cooling fans was dead. I decided to take it out. Probably a good thing I did that as it felt hot to the touch. I can't believe it didn't burn up. Earlier in the day I had bought a new fan that I was going to use in the back of the case. The bad one was in the front. I still put the new fan in back as I think it will benefit the cooling of the case better.

I'm going to get her WinXP here this week and install the hard drive later in the week. It was a pain reinstalling winxp on my computer as I guess enough pieces changed to warrant them forcing me to call their upgrade center. I was annoyed. I don't have that issue when installing stuff at work. LOL

Whatever pieces left over are probably going to go into Dave's computer. Or I'll be lazy and just bye him a low end computer. Installing computer parts takes all day. geeze.

Well, this post is losing focus so. Until next time.


Us Yanks are smart..yup

So, Canadians are finally realizing what us northern people in the ummm..north part of the States have known for about a century and a half. Please read this here that I yoinked off of Fark.com. I find it funny. Now, I can only guess about the truth here as my mom came from that part of the States and she was one the smartest people I knew. But let us throw in NASCAR into the mix. I don't think my mom could have offset the average enough. But again, another generalization about the South. Some bright college graduate from the North should do a study on that for his/her master/doctorate.