Memory Wipe

So, shortly after my last post, I went a poking around in my mobo manual to see what I could find out about my memory. There was nothing concrete about it really. There was a paragraph describing SDRAM and there was a number for voltage, 2.5 volts. So, being curious, I popped open the old BIOS to see what my voltage was set at. It was auto setting to 2.7. I thought that was odd it would autoset to 2.7. After some trial and let sees action, I decided to bite the bullet and manually set the voltage to 2.5, knowing full well that things could come a crashing down upon my head.

I changed the setting to 2.5, saved it, and rebooted. I sat there, half-expecting fire and brimstone spewing from my computer case. Fortunately, the familiar boot up screen came up, with it's ever so long RAM checking spiel going. I normally skip the whole checking part but I was paranoid and let it run to completion. Diablo himself did not roar to life, dragging me to pits of fiery inferno, disco even. Windows XP booted normally. I was frankly surprised that it worked.

Anyway, since then, I have not experienced any locking and I've been trying my damnest to get it to. The first thing I tried was run a demo of Star Wars: Empire at War which had some intense processing going on. Next, I had winamp streaming music, iTunes playing music, and two instances of youtube.com playing videos all at the same time. All of the multimedia instances would normally have locked at some point running by themselves. Having them all going at the same time should have caused a BSOD and reboot. Much to my happiness, it has not. So, now I ask myself, is my RAM damaged from running at 2.7 volts ever since it sat foot in my case? The obvious fact that I am typing this from my keyboard still connected to the same case I have had for two upgrades is saying that there is no damage. Time shall tell. Though it would be nice to have 1 Gig of RAM. During this whole thing, I noticed that I use up quite a bit of RAM just by using Firefox and other dinky apps.

For the time being, my RAM issue has been fixed, so says Poop Dog! The Gangsta Spectre of Defeat! Err...nevermind. I've had this particular set up for about two years as well. To bad I never got more annoyed with this issue before.


A time for Remembrance

Actually it's more like a time for new memory...RAM to be precise. Stupid computer locked twice tonight. Both times watching Fullmetal Alchemist on youtube.com I'm pretty sure it's my RAM. It could be a heat issue as well. While looking at RAM tonight, I discovered that some RAM comes with heat spreaders. I have never seen these before and I'm sure mine do not have them. Generally my machine will lock up randomly, even when I'm not using it. Most of the time, it's when I'm listening to music or watching videos of stuff. Considering that my machine is fine after a reboot, heat probably isn't the issue. I had issue with Win98 dieing all the time and the same with WinXP. I've had the same pieces of RAM for several years. I've gotten a new hard drive as well so that probably isn't it either. The Mobo might be at issue as well. Though again, my machine is hunky dory after a reboot. I'm really leaning towards the RAM.

So, I'm looking at buying some RAM. I'll probably bump it up to around 1GB this time around. Try to pump out a little more performance before I take it out to pasture.

In other news, I had an interview with a web app company in downtown Seattle on the 25th floor of this tall building. It had at least 30 floors. The elevator was super quick! Going down, if it had gone any faster, it probably would have felt like you were weightless. Anyway, the position sounds good as there's room for lots of growth which would be really nice. ^_^

In other-other news, Radcon was fun. Boring during the day though. I didn't even play Munchkin at all. *cries* I also got slightly sick. Sore throat for the last couple of days. I'm waiting for it to go into my nose.

Well, everybody Wang Chung tonight!



So, debate over ID and Evolution at Radcon. News at 11.

WTF?! Last year they get a table and records our doings suspiciously. Now they get floor time? I truly want to vomit.


Releasing the anger safely

*sigh* I had soo much hope for Seattle. But they shot themselves in the foot. Fumbles, interceptions, and most damning of all, fouls. Three drives were cut short because of fouls. Three drives that were scoring opportunities. I stopped watching with about 8 mins left in the fourth. If they win, haha on me for not watching the whole thing. I won't feel bad about it though. I can only watch things self-destruct so long before I red-out due to anger.

So yeah, what good came out of this? Seattle got to the Super Bowl for the first time in their 30 year history. Congrats are in order for that I suppose. But the way they played today, it was a different shade they showed during the regular season. Oh well. What am I going to do about it? Wait another years I guess. It did take Denver 3 or 4 trips to the big game before they won. The Colts haven't been there recently and they play well every season only to choke in the playoffs. So yeah, kudos to Seattle for at least making it to the end. Maybe next year, huh?


Seattle Sucks?

Man, Steeler fans are really jerks. Someone keeps on looking up "Seattle Seahawks Sucks" and finding my blog. Yes, I wrote that two years ago but on the exact same subject. Someone found my blog looking for those terms. So, I really don't know about you all. Anyway, the Hawks play on Sunday in the Super Bowl! :) Watch....for the kids!

A stormy time

It was a dark and stormy night...

Well, tonight it will be and probably into tomorrow afternoon. Might get some power outages. I went out and bought a mini-lantern and some more batteries. The power has only gone out here once since we've lived here. The last time we had to use this tool that had a light at the end of it and our cell phone for light. Talking about not being prepared. I'm thinking of getting a hand-cranked light so we're not dependent on batteries. I didn't have a lot of money to spare right now as I had to pay for a few things that I don't normally pay every month like an eye doctor exam and utility (we actually pay that once every two months). *sigh* I will probably get some supplies with some of that tax refund. I can probably wait on new tires for a bit.

Oh yeah...SEAHAWKS PLAY ON SUNDAY!!! Please watch...for my sake. ^_^