A Quicky

Over here is an article about them crazy bible people thinking that dinosaurs walked with man. haha You need to register for that article by the way. But here's the little quote that I must show:

"Dinosaurs lived in the Garden of Eden, and Noah's Ark? Give me a break," said Kevin Padian, curator at the University of California Museum of Paleontology in Berkeley and president of National Center for Science Education, an Oakland group that supports teaching evolution. "For them, 'The Flintstones' is a documentary."

hahhahahahhahahhahhaahahaha The Flintstones....a documentary!!! That's great!

So you just turned 30. What are you going to do now?

Not go to Disneyland, that's for sure. :P

Yeah, so today is my 30th birthday. I have finally transcended into my 30somethings. I can finally relate to the show of the same name from the 90s or whenever it was. I can't say that I actually watched that show so I'm not sure how I could relate, but I'll try my best. Maybe it's on DVD now.

So last night to celebrate, we all went bowling for what else? Bowling!! and beer!! heh Amy went with us to be sure I drank enough. I think I did. I was pleasantly liquored up. The bowling was fun. It was the first time that Dave has been too. He did pretty good on the first game. Got frustrated on the second game. I ended up doing most of his frames much to the sadness of my thumb. Though we were using the bumpers so it wasn't as bad. I managed to get two strikes that would have been gutter balls had the bumpers been down. I thought that was fairly comical. We ended up at the small arcade they had where I played some DDR with Dawn. I beat her but I think it's because the pad I was using was better. I played again on the one she used and I was sucking. What was cool about it though was that it was a Japanese machine. And it was actually loud!

Today I mainly just relaxed. Watched some TV, read the Sunday paper, did some laundry, and cooked myself some pancakes. So it was an ok day. We'll see how the rest of my 30s will turn out. =D


Ack, it's a blackout!

Damn it to all hell. Blackout for Seattle's game tonight. If you live within 75 miles of the game, you're screwed. Though I understand that the Seahawks lost. Probably not an interesting game. heh It's only preseason. But I continue to get blackout games for the regular season, I'm gonna be pissed! I can't live without my Seahawks! I'm much to cheap to actually go to the games. *sigh* Oh well. We shall see.


One of a kind

Yeah, my first attempt at a color manga-like thing. Certainly lots of room for improvement, but I'm happy with it. I actually found that to be fun. I hope I didn't miss my calling. :/

Goodbye 20's....It's was real

*sigh* So, as some of you know, my birthday is here in 12 days. So 12 days left of my 20's. I'm not sure what to say about it. Yay, another birthday down. Hopefully lots to come.

Thought I still feel like I haven't gone anywhere. Sure, I moved away from the Tri-Cities. Yay, I guess. But I still have four things laying around my desk that I've been wanting to do for ages. So yeah, I feel like that I been no where.

Eh, I'll come back later.


A change of heart

So a good chunk of people who read my site regularly know my plight versus religion. It makes no sense to me. The whole creation thing is just some kind of mythology, as mythological as the Greek and Roman kind. However, I may have to do an about-face on Intelligent Design. The answers were always there, right in front of me. In my cupboard to be exact. It took this site to bring it all in focus. From now on, every Sunday, I will worship my creator. Maybe with some garlic bread, too.


What if..

Ghenghis Khan formed his own disco band....this is what. Catchy, no? Thanks to Blue's News for the link.


'nother small update

Just changed up the links on the side. That's it. Nothing more. Now go outside...enjoy the sun.


Slight update

Geee, I noticed the other day my entertainment links were broken. I fixed them. Now go listen to hot European dance grooves and/or play games.

And now for something a little less political

Ahh yes...the non-political post. You gots to love them.

Today I got to watch the second volume from Full Metal Alchemist. How have I never seen this gem before? Oh yeah, my lack of Cartoon Network did the trick. In the past I have exalted Vision of Escaflowne (until I saw the end), Neon Genesis Evangelion (until I saw the end...uh oh, a pattern is forming), and Cowboy Bebop (until...wait, I loved them all!). But I can safely say that Full Metal Alchemist is my favorite anime at the moment. I understand that there's quite a few of them made. I'm only on episode 9. I'm sad I can't waste a week and watch them all. *cries* *gets a hanky* But I'll live with just watching four episodes at a time a month apart.

Oh yeah, I tried my hand at drawing today. I have natural talent. Let me show you what I did!

My manga beginnings!

hmm..odd..I need to play with the picture thingey some more. Well, that's all I got right now. I hope you all are enjoying the hot weather over on the east side. *snicker* *maniacal laugh* *ha ha laugh ala Nelson*


Make no mistake about it, your president is...

I dunno...what is he? A rock? Some sludge at the bottom of one of the waste tanks at Hanford? The stuff that the huge slugs that we have here leave behind? I dunno, take you pic. Come up with something better, more creative. I really just want to go straight to the awesome words of four letter goodness.

So, if you keep up in the news, one of the things floating about is how President "Plant Matter" (not very creative, I know) endorses teaching other theories of life in science class. I read the article in the Seattle Times here. And yer in luck, I managed to find it on their website. Again, he proves his self-worth to the rest of the world. As with his mysterious cache of WMD in Iraq, he's very clueless on how the world works. He pretty much directly contradicts what his science advisor had said back in March. Seriously..when is someone going to start the process to impeach him? There's a petition over at Petition Online that asks for deeper investigation of the memo leaked in the UK about how he wanted to do the whole Iraq thing from the beginning. This is a beginning. This needs to grow or I'm sure more stupidity will befall our country.