One book down, a gazillion left to go

Would you believe that I finally finished a book of fiction? The other night, I read the final words in George R.R. Martin's book, A Game of Thrones. Yes, me! Me, the reader of sooo many tech books, I've lost count. I can almost guarantee that this is the first book that I have finished since almost 2002, maybe 2003. It's been so long that I have forgotten.

So, anyway, it was a very good book. If you like to squirm while you read. There's soo much evil things that makes you want to keep on reading to see if the evil continues. Yup, evil. Like "Meats of Evil" evil!

In other news, I will be in the Tri-Cities for the coming weekend. Grand, eh? I was going somewhere with this then...nothing. *sigh* Well, say hi if you see me. ^_^


Feeling a little blue

Beta Blogger has made it incredibly easy now to change up your blog without loosing changes you had to put into your template. If you haven't noticed, I've gone blue from that tanish looking color. I wasn't thinking well when I put that up. It easier to read, I think at least.

I also cleaned up the ol links and what not. I've added Videosift.com which I'm a heavy user of. I gots me a silver star there! ^_^ It's a site where users submit videos they think are good from around the Intertubes such as YouTube.com and Google Video. If you don't want to sift through loads of tripe, go to Videosift.com. You'll like yourself more for it.

Well, that's that for this Sunday morning.


I'm soooo converted

Like wow! The template system has gotten on overhaul! This smacks of Ajax like crazy! I love it! Kudos goes out to Blogger for something that's really customizable! Though I know this new power will be used for evil. I don't go to MySpace.com because of that evil. It's teh evil.

Oh yaay!! The spell checker has gotten an overhaul too! Blogger threw in the same looking spell checker as found in Google's toolbar and gmail client. I'm loving it! Yeah, I'm talking to you, Blogger!

The Converted

So I went ahead and done it. I converted. I converted to beta blogger. I feel the same. Nothing has changed. Weird.

Wait, what's that? Labels for this post? Woooooooo! I think I've seen the light! Beta Blogger will rock my world! Ok, not really.

The Lucky Horseshoe

Via: VideoSift

...or how prayer is superstition.


6 Months and 4 days

Yeah, it took them another 4 days to get out. They knew for a long time they had to go and it took them an extra 4 days. Oh, the idiot youth of today. Well, I guess it was the same 10-15 years ago as well. Anyway, they are finally gone. I totally expect graffiti to start showing up.

And now it's time to up the ante on the other side, the other neighbors which I know I have complained many a time on here. They had their music up tonight. It was soo nice a few weeks ago when it seemed they were on vacation or something. It was peaceful. The minute they got home, they played some loud music or movie. Fortunately, it was during office business hours. I called and complained. Their bass stopped and a little bit later, their door slammed as they left somewhere. ^_^ They also like to leave their garbage out by their door, too damn lazy to take it to the trash area. We have to smell it, look at it. It's terribly disgusting.

There is such a small percentage of idiots here that cause the majority grief. Stupid drivers, stupid neighbors, just stupid people. They all think what they are doing is better than what I'm doing. That is the problem with society. There's no community. And I place blame squarely on people like our ex-neighbors. hehe Cause I can. hehe