Weeee! err I mean Wii!

The Revolution is over! Bring on the Wii!

WTF?! Wii? Yes, Wii. The Nintendo Wii. It sounds freaking sweet though! Backward compatible with Gamecube titles and 20 years of older Nintendo, Sega, and Turbo Graphix-16 titles will be available for download. Holy freaking Christ! I can relive my childhood once more! hahahhaha But no school!! hahahhahahhaha!!!!

So, I think I will certainly be getting one of these things long before an Xbox 360. Yeah, all you xbox fan boys can suck it! Ahem...sorry for the fanboyism. But anyway, I'm totally looking forward to Nintendo's new console. The new controller has a lot more going than the stuff from MS or Sony. Some say it will hit in September. We shall see though. I think I will pre-order one though. I'm not gonna be left out in the cold come this fall. ^_^


Klaus - Forklift Maniac

So, I was over at wikipedia, looking at a list of movies where people get killed in. I was surprised to see Agent Cody Banks on that list. I guess Dave won't be watching that one. Anyway, looking down the list, I found this gem called Forklift Driver Klaus - The First Day On the Job. It's German, gory, and full of dark humor. I want to see the whole thing now.


Can't procrastinate this!

I think I've seen one too many lame jokes about how I will post about this later (d'oh! I still got one in) so I won't, or try not to. Here's an article about a few tools you can use to beat procrastination. I haven't tried any but to a thinking person, they seem logical. There's certainly lots I can delay doing just because they are my own personal projects with no real meaning other than for learning purposes. However, the time boxing and "begin it" tools seems like they would help me the most. I'll see what they can do.


A new round

Well, it would seem that I managed to get me another contract up here. Just a 2-3 month jobber ( O RLY? ) where I'll be doing testing for a company in Seattle. Should be fun. Their office is all brightly colored. ^_^

I had submitted my resume to a position at Microsoft which I could have had a phone interview had I not accepted the offer today. It would have been with the SQL Server group which seemed interesting. But I figured that having a job now is worth more than only having a phone interview. This way I have a job and getting 3 more months of EXP. I just may go up to level 2! lol

So, that's me right now. I start on Monday. So, here's to working...again!


Staged Dance

Well, I'm not sure what to call this guy, but looking at his videos, he seems really fake. He's Shawn Seamus and he seems like he's trying to audition to get on to a show like The Daily Show with Jon Stewart or some other fake thing. I found him off of Kotaku where they had a link to a video showing how he doesn't know how to play DDR at all. Youtube is still down so I haven't been able to see the video but from the description, he seems really lame. More lame than Michael Flatley.

On a related note, does Chris Pirillo like DDR? I don't know. ^_^