*Has a heart attack*

Why? Cause the Seahawks pulled a win out of their ass today! Holy Crap!! The Giants could have won three times but their field goal kicker missed each time! Holy freaking crap!!! Seattle finally managed to get enough offense to get within Josh Brown's range and with about 5 mins left in overtime, Seattle won by a field goal. Holy freaking macha macha hi crap!!!


Fake crying, I can assure you. Anyway, some of you might have played Dugeon Siege. Some of you might remember that I went to visit Gas Powered Games a few years back. I liked Gas Powered Games. Lots of intelligent people there headed by a guy that knows what he wants. However, I think he's off his rocker. If you travel over to here, you'll find the trailer for the movie they are making based on it. And now, let me bring up Dungeon & Dragons. Why do I bring it up? Because, looking at the trailer, the Dungeon Siege movie will be worse than that D&D crap. Watch the trailer and you'll see what I mean.

First up, Burt Reynolds is in it. WTF?! Burt Reynolds in a fantasy movie? As the King character?! Next up, that Jason Statham guy who's been in such flops as The Transporter and The Transporter 2. He was mildly interesting in Snatch. He's as B-action star as they come. No offense to Bruce Cambell though. And then there's poor John Rhys-Davies who is now forever typecast into fantasy movies. You might remember him from Lord of the Rings movies.

So, I really don't know. I really can't judge the movie by the trailer, ala Star Wars prequal trailers, but it's sooooo terrible!!!


Penn & Teller: Bullshit

I love Penn & Teller. Penn is soo loud. I can't believe how loud he is. Anyway, though a new site I found,Digg.com, I found one of their episodes of Bullshit on Showtime. I'm really really happy. It's the show where they call Bullshit on the Bible. Since it is Penn & Teller, the language is mature, but the subject matter is what is important. It's just about 30 minutes long and funny as all hell. Please give it a watch. Please...for the children.


Ajax - What is it really?

So, when people first hear about AJAX, what do they really think it is? Well, currently it's the latest buzzword in the tech world. It's stands for Asynchronous JavaScript and XML2. But what if you didn't know that? What would you think about?

Here are a few things that might have come up:

  • Ajax was a Greek hero from the Trojan War stories -

  • AJAX is a vehicle type from Robotech -

  • The Nike Ajax surface-to-air missile -

  • Ajax, the cleaner -

  • Ajax, the video game from Konami -

Wow, I hope you get down here. =) The Ajax I'm interested in is the one I first mentioned above. This a relatively new technology that have spawn quite a few of cool web applications. Do you use Gmail? Perhaps you've seen Google Maps. I've also heard of companies developing simple MSOffice-like web applications. It looks like this is taking off. While it's not the best because of it's dependences on JavaScript which is a security problem and not all browsers support it, it is still getting the job done.

A while back, I mentioned that I would start looking at making a MUD. I think the second part of that is to create a client application using Ajax. Now that would be cool. That would be cool. :) All I need now is a swift kick in the ass to put me down this path.


Working hard for my money

I'm working this weekend to make sure I don't get underpaid for having no holiday pay. It's a drag but I'll actually get stuff done.

Well, that's all I got. Tootles.


Crack and a pipe

Two totally unrelated items in my life...or are they?

I just posted up another link to some music I like to listen to. Japan-A-Radio features the latest Norwegian Viking music. Umm...no, more like J-pop and anime. For those of you who like streaming music, both di.fm and Japan-a-Radio use a newer technology called aacPlus. This streams out awesome quality sounding music at a bit-rate that people still on Dial-up *cough*AOL*cough* can enjoy. I like it because in theory it will have less drop outs and it's less bandwidth the hosts needs to pay out for.

So, it's all good. Oh yeah, you'll need to download Winamp 5.1 in order for you to use the aacPlus technology. I think it's worth it. In fact I'll probably download it at work tomorrow. Of course they may block the port after they discover a competing product is being used on their network. *smile*

And other topic, Seahawks are playing Sunday at one vs their division rival Rams, probalby their only compeition in the division this year. It should be a good time. Be sure to watch. And be happy I'm hundreds of miles away.