Halo 2, Xbox Live, and You

So, I enjoy to play a game or two of Halo 2. I also enjoy playing Halo 2 on Xbox Live. However, I don't like playing with you. Well, probably not you, my dear readers, just the collective "you" that represents the a good portion of the players on Xbox Live. Let me explain why.

For those of you who do not know what Xbox Live is, it is Microsoft's own online system to allow people with broadband connections from all over the world to play together. Which is kind of cool. When I play in the wee hours of mornings, I will typically hear the English accents from the UK and occasional will hear people talk in another language all together. It's always fun to be called an "American Wanker" by those on the other side of the Atlantic. And from this is where I don't like playing with you.

I don't know how many times I have been called names for doing something wrong, just not performing at my typical ability, or by winning. I hear it everyday. It's a very rare day indeed when someone will comment on the excellent move or tactics performed. I generally don't include the "Good Game" comments as that is expected. For instance, I was playing in a team slayer game, where the first team who gets to 50 points wins, and the team we were playing against just barely edged us out by one kill. Oh well, I thought. But at the end where you can review the game stats, the leader(with most kills) of the other team decided it would be cool to start saying I could "suck his balls" or some such crap. If you really wanted to break the game down, I had one more point than him (for reference). There are very few players I have encountered that are sore winners, but this guy was the worst of them. I left him two negative feedback thingies though really I have no idea if Bungie pays attention to those things.

The worst is when you are playing on a team and you aren't playing at your best and they start to bitch at you. "You Suck" and other worth while comments fling from their mouths. I remember playing a two-on-two game where my partner got like a 3 or 4 kills before I got my first and he started to say I should just quit. Well, I stayed in the game and we lost. I started to just get myself killed on purpose. In fact that's what I do when my teammates starts saying crap like that. In the case of Capture the Flag and Assault, I do my best to keep the flag or ball away from the target without killing my teammates. If you kill a teammate, then they can boot ya from the game...I don't want that, now do I.

Other times, mostly on team games, the losing team are sore losers. On the maps, there are certain weapons or points that make the player seem invincible. However, all players can be killed. For instance, on the map Ascension (for reference), there's a very high point that can only be gotten there with a flying vehicle, the Banshee. For whatever reason, I have not seen the Banshee on this level for a week or two. But on that game, it was back. Dave was playing on this game and he enjoys to snipe. So he managed to get a banshee and a sniper rifle and flew up to the high point. He managed to kill three guys while up there and never managed to get back to it. However, lots of people frown upon doing this. Some people consider this as "n00bish". Dave was just having fun. And this was a training ground game which basically means that it doesn't count against your ranking. The other team were being pricks, mainly FenderMan92186 and Loki60. They first ripped on one of my other team mates for using snipers for most of the game. Next the started to rip on Dave for snipping from the high point. I was soo fucking pissed.

I can't get away from these immature assholes. They are everywhere on Xbox Live. I also can't tell you how many times I listen to pre-game conservation about being high or drunk or how they "fucked my mom" (this particular comment angers me to no end). I don't like playing with these fucktards. They really have no idea that Halo 2 is merely a game. Win or lose, the world isn't going to end. Hell, if they stopped playing, they might get laid. Some of them seemed that they need it more than Rosy Palm.

I am really beginning to see the real reason why Halo 2 is marked as a M rated game. It's not to keep the innocence away from all the shooting, blood and other violent things. It's to keep the immature away until they realize that Halo 2 is only but a game for entertainment. There's soo much teen angst flowing in Halo 2 that I'm surprised that Xbox Live just doesn't become an evil alive entity and starts to take over the world. Ok, I really don't wonder that. But the hatred is there and it puts a damper on what is normally a good game.


Cherry Popping Goodness

*watches hits go up*

Yeah, I'm a whore for cheap hits. So, Seattle. It's been ok up here. What's actually pretty cool is I'm at a job where a lot of people share some of my interests. I can laugh at some geeky joke and not get weird looks. I feel enthused when I talk or listen to technology stuff. The others seem to feel the same way, if only more so as they seem more competent than me. It just nice to be surrounded again by those type of people. I can't see myself ever going back to "normal".

This past week I've been learning a programming language called C#. Now, I have heard other people call pieces of technology as sexy. I never knew why they did. I know now. C# is soo damn smooth, silky almost. I want to learn this so bad. There's a lot of potential behind it. I want it all. I know it, to dream about it, to think about it all day. I know now what sexy is.

I didn't see Star Wars on opening night. The first time I've missed a Star Wars on opening day since the re-releases of the original three. Yes, I'm really quite sad. I won't see it until Monday. For free, but still, I have to wait a whole freaking weekend. Oh well.

Now, to my title. A few weeks back, Katie and fam came up to visit. I thought it was a good idea to buy hard alcohol. I got some rum, vanilla vodka and Irish cream. We didn't have much stuff at the house as for mixing things. But we did have some left over Cherry 7up. So, on a whim I decided to mix Cherry 7up and the vanilla Vodka together. Holy crap! That's the best drink every!!! I nicknamed it "Cherry Popper" because I like drinks with perverted names. It's really good! I highly recommend it. So does Katie. heh


All I can say....wow!

I just discovered the best feature I have ever seen on a music player on a computer: A rewind/seek of streaming music!! RealPlayer for Windows XP has this feature and now I'm in love with it!

I listen to a lot of streaming music and sometimes there's music that plays that I would love to listen to again, but I can't when I had crappy ass Win98 version of RealPlayer. Tonight, while peering at the seek bar which would normally allow you to seek on a regular MP3 or Ogg Vorbis file (if you don't know what Ogg Vorbis, google is your friend), I moused over it and it showed me the time playing and what not and a thing called perfect play which was enabled. Not thinking anything would happened, I clicked on the slider, dragged it to the left and all of the sudden I was listening to music I had listened to about a half hour ago!! I was like DUDE!! cause I had just listen to this really awesome mix that I'm still listening to now, again. heh

Not only has it not crashed playing the music, it buffers the music for quite a while so I can listen to whatever I want...within reason. Something else I just noticed that it marks where the different songs are on it. hehehehhehehe Man, I'm sooo in love!!

Ok, that's it. Need sleep for my job tomorrow. Goodnight.



Oi! I just had to say that.

Well, so, I be looking a lot. Working a lot puts a damper on me posting 3 or 4 times a day. Oh well. I don't really have much to say. Oh yeah. I got to say this:
Dear 1% of Seattle drivers who screw it up for everybody else on the roads: Thanks a big whole lot. Sincerely, Pissed in Bothell.

Man, I really gots nothing. Oh well. Maybe later...