My last Tri-Cities post?

Could it be? YES! It is!! This will be my last post from here in the Tri-Cities. Fitting it will be about the Tri-Cities.

If you mosey on over the to the Tri-City Herald, you'll find an article about the recently proposed expansion to WSU Tri-Cites. So, it would appear that WSU TC will get passed over to get expanded into a full 4 year university. WSU Vancouver and some other school will get it. I guess there was very low support from our local politicians. Sen. Jerome Delvin(Rep.), who's I have hated every since co-sponsoring a bill to prevent the sale of video games, was one of our key supporters. He just happened to miss that one meeting regarding who gets the 4 year expansion. Hmmmm, Jerome, you're really looking out for us here, huh. And now my favorite quote:

I don't know how we missed it. - Sen. Jerome Delvin

I'm at a loss for words here. So what that Hanford will be gone in the future. We don't need any more industry here! Screw that!! *sigh* Well, it's not like I care really. I'm leaving!! hahahhah My vote to dump the ass won't ever be canceled out again!

But seriously, it's kind of sad that people like Jerome are still in Office. Makes ya wonder who he's really looking out for.

Anyway, this will be indeed my last post from the good ol Tri-Cities. Tomorrow, after I get an important e-mail, I will be tearing all the computers down to get them ready to be loaded onto the truck. We probably won't have internet for a couple of weeks, if we get it at all.

I've lived here for about 24 years. I've basically grown up with the tumbleweeds, blowing dust, hot summers, and no traffic. I'm moving to a land of rain, trees, more things to do than you can shake a stick at, heavy traffic, and a land of jobs. I've been told that the Tri-Cities will find a way to drag me back. Of course we have family and good friends here. Always a good reason to come back...to visit. :D

So, with that said, I will probably miss the ol dust bowl. Maybe I'll bring up a bag of Tri-City dust to sprinkle around when I get lonely. Or maybe not. If we have room on the truck.

Well, parting is sweet sorrow. I'll/we'll miss everybody here. Don't be a stranger! Comments fill my heart with joy!! heh So, Good-bye, Tri-Cities. *exit stage right, curtain falls*


The Coming Storm

Well, March 28th is a week from tomorrow. That looks to be my start date. Next weekend, we plan to be all moved over to the other side of the state. We haven't started packing here as we only have about one room to pack. We plan to do that on Thursday. I'm pretty sure that we will have everything done by Saturday, the move day. We even got two helpers to come up with us. Thanks to my sister and Katie.

It's not quite stormy yet. The storm starts on the 28th. Starting a new job. Getting use to a new, big city. I have butterflies. I'm feeling really nervous about the whole thing. I'm not use to the big city. I'm not sure what my new employer is gonna think about me. The money will be tight. Just lots of things that could go wrong and we'd be up a creek without a paddle. I don't know what to expect. It sucks.

But, we have always wanted to go to the Seattle area. There are a few people we know that actually live up there. And overall, it's a start of my career, finally. I suppose the butterflies comes with the territory. I hope they go away soon.


No Looking Back

I finally done and did it. Well, two things I guess. First one which is far more positive is that I accepted the offer to work with Excell. We're going to look at apartments tomorrow(should they actually call me back *grumble*). The apartments look good on paper. Hopefully a few of them will turn out to be good in real life.

Now for the second, not so positive(depends on the point of view, naturally) thingey. I have finally blown up in front of Dawn's Dad. I even went so far as to use one of my favorite swear words. He was saying that had I left Dawn and David here while I wait for an apartment, I would have to continue writing reviews, which I found out that he doesn't do anything with. I found it asinine that while I was not there, I still had to do reviews. So, one of the options of me going up to live with a friend till my first paycheck is out of the question. I will not do reviews, which were for rent, while I'm not living here. The tripe that he continues to shower upon me is barely digestible. I vomit it up, here on my blog as you all know, every so often.

I can't tell you all how much I want to get out of here and get out of their dependent care. I've stomached enough. It's time to leave his shit behind.


I'm going to Seattle!!!

Yeaaaahaw!!!! Today, while I was at the park, btw it was nice seeing the ol park day crew, I got a call from the temp service I applied to on Monday. She left a message saying that she had good news. That good news is that they were giving me an offer! While not the best in the world, considering my experience, it's a foot in the door with at least 12 months of new experience. Holy crap! Twelve months of doing something with my career! How cool is that? :D

Anyway, I could start as early at the 21st, but I was told not to hold my breath. And that's fine with me. I need to find a place to live first. That's not gonna be fun, but I can't live on the streets. :D

Ok, that's my update for the day. Of course, more updates as they appear!


Of things tomorrow

Tomorrow, I have a phone interview with a position with Microsoft. Yes yes, I know. It's a job and I want a job. And it's in Seattle which means: Goodbye Tri-Cities!! ahahahhahahaha

Anyway, if I get said job, I can pretty much guarantee far less posting. I've seen temp people offed just because they blogged about something at work. I'm not taking any chances. As much as I like to post, if I do post, it will only be about things far and away from work. Period.

Well, that's it for now. I'll let you know more as things develop.


A Tiring Thing

If you look to your right, you'll find a new link to a site I found today. It's The Secular Web. Their website has infidels in the URL. I find that funny. But anyway, letting you know about the new link is incidental today. I thought I have blogged about this before, but doing a little search I found nothing. So, for your pleasure, my rant.

As some of you know, I have been watching crazy fundamental videos regarding how evolution is bad for humanity and other similar things. Mostly its videos by either Ken Ham or Kent Hovind(btw, Kent is the worst of them) or someone who support them. They all suppose to have evidence showing how creation is right. They are all the same. And really I'm getting tired of watching them. Starting next week, I only have to review one of them damn videos a week. I can't wait. Really.

After watching these videos (over 80% of the DVDs don't play in my computer DVD-ROM which pisses me off to no end as I have to watch on the DVD player behind me, more of an annoyance than anything else) I have to write some stupid little critique on them. On almost every single one of them, I put in so little energy that I would be embarrassed to ever show them in public. I have a feeling that they will get out in the public eye as I have rationalized that there's no other reason for these things to be done anyway. If I ever do find one that's gone beyond this house, the fissure that has been in place between my in-laws and myself will become as huge as the Grand Canyon itself with no chance of mending. Meaning: I will not have anything to do them ever again.

The little energy I do expend on these things I make up with time in the reading of the sites like The Secular Web. There are a quite a few of them. Google is your friend if you want to find more. Of course, Dawn has been helping me find the sites as well. I've listed a couple on the links. I'm really happy that these sites exists otherwise I'd have almost no information when doing my critiques. My only problem is that there's soo much information. I'm actually getting tired of reading it all. I'm getting to a point where I don't care anymore.

I have spent a lot of time looking for little bits of information. Sure I'm unemployed right now and I have the time to actually do such things, but it's time I'd rather use to sit outside and watch the grass grow. Really. I don't know why I have to devote my life defending something I know through study and logical thinking is right. As for some of the more technical things discussed, there are hundreds of people for each subject that actually have a desire or need to defend it's correctness for the creation people. They are all very smart and devoted people, people like Richard Dawkins. They have the interest. I don't. At least not to a point of spending more than one hour a week (Nova) learning about evolution.

It's true that not caring can lead to bad things. Maybe that's the diabolical scheme, making me not care any more. Probably not. Unless a supernatural being of supreme power appears right in front of me, right now, my view of creation won't ever change. Evolution is the most likely theory that explains the multitude of life found on Earth today. I just don't care. I'm tired of seeing it. Let me live my life in how I see fit. Now go away. I'm busy watching grass grow.