The Return

Oh snap. I think it's been three years since I was last here. I saw 17 comments on my last blog post, feeling a little excited. But yeah, just comment spam. Surprise.

The editor here has been totally overhauled. I do like. I'm wondering if I should continue with this blog area or create a new one for my new adventure. Yes, there is another...adventure that is. I am beginning to do my first sewing related costume.

So it's been literally decades since I've done my last costume by myself and I wish I had pictures of it. Alas that was during the days of film type cameras and the Internet. If you must know, it was of Optimus Prime (like this one but totally not that cool) for Halloween. All of color cardboard. It was sweet though I'm sure years of umm years have clouded the mind. I might have had help with another costume from my mom. I did a toga, you can't mess that one up. After that, I attempted some lame black cloak things at the local convention. And since then, I just never put much effort into it. The desire to do something never went away.

Now a bug has bitten and I want to give it a go. I have an idea. I have the will. And I have the money. There's an anime con that's happening at the end of March which I've never been for various reasons. I think I'm going to go this year finally and I will go in a costume, at least for one day.

I thought it would be cool to record my progress on the costume. There's a little overhead to the overall project to record the process but I think it would be good to get something on paper, or blog as it were. The question is do I do it here or start up a whole new blog. I think a new blog is in order. It just makes sense.

On that note, ta ta for now. Here's to making it to the end.