Hate for the FSM

Yeah, it's late, pass my bedtime, but I had to post this now or I would forget. Anyway, y'all know about the Flying Spaghetti Monster, right? RIGHT?! I mean ARRRR?! Ok, good. Here's a nice blog about the hate mail directed to the fine gentleman who created the fictitious character. Some people just aren't rational. Well, here it is. Enjoy!


Presenting: North Creek Park

My YouTube.com directorial debut. After a 13 year long hiatus, I decided to come back to making videos. Here it is, in all it's dull glory. After I get my computer up to snuff, expect some more. ^_^


The Suffering

Because I like to see my readers suffer and I just haven't posted anything in a long while, I present this fine video from YouTube.


The Working Man

Yup, I'm working. My last contract ended just last Friday. But I'll be working again starting on this Thursday. This new gig isn't a contract. It's a full on full time job. teehee! There's a lot of good things that comes along with this new job. First of all, it's along my career path, software engineer. Second, it's closer as it's in Everett. Along with that one is that I probably won't have to worry about traffic as I'll be going into Everett at 7:30 in the morning and not into Seattle or Redmond. I'll also get vacation. :) Man, vacation!! Paid even! That's just a few things that drew me to this position. I'm gonna learn a butt load but it's gonna be worth it. ^_^