Richard Dawkins and the non-thinking

I haven't seen all of this but Richard Dawkins is a man that needs to be heard. I want to bookmark this so I can watch it later. You all can see it at your leisure as well. Here are parts one and two courtesy of Google Video: Part 1 and Part 2.

Feel free to watch and comment.


Stuff and crap

Uno has made it to XBox live for the Xbox 360. I find I'm addicted to it. We currently have two 360 games, Kameo and Ghost Recon (borrowing both), and I'd rather play Uno. It has some problems like I wait 30 or more mins to play a game and when it starts a game, it hangs. Both are annoying specially when they are combined into I wait 30 mins to find other players and then it doesn't start. That angers me. >_<

Dawn is currently ranked high teens while I'm around 560 or something. I strive to beat her at ranked games, but alas I don't think I'm destined to do it. I'm currently ahead of her in the TrueSkill ranking. I'm 26 and she's 25. I have mad l33t skillz. ha

In other news, I finally got a USB cable to connect our camcorder to my computer. I can now transfer video and edit it and crap. The free tools that came with the camcorder sucks major ass but that's all I got to use right now. I'm planning to shoot a very short film with Dave and myself as the stars. It's gonna suck. hahaha Look for it later on youtube or maybe even google video.

Finally, I noticed that I stopped getting hits from search engines. My last one I got was from 5.18. What up with that? My blog isn't a spam blog. It's not! I'm not selling enlargement pills! I'm not! Really!! You gots to believe me!

Ok, this is finally. Remember the Indy 500 is tomorrow. Watch it! Watch it for the kids sake!


Ian McKellen is my hero!

Oh snap is right! I'm gonna go see this movie just for Ian! I love you man!


The best Star Wars/Lord of the Rings mashup you'll see...Today!

Just wait it out. You'll like me more for it. ^_^


E3 Trailers

For those of you unlucky enough to not have an Xbox 360, here's a link to the teaser trailer for Halo 3. For those of you unlucky enough to live under a rock, here's the link to Super Smash Bros. Brawl for the Wii (pronounced 'we'). And because good things comes in three's, here are some links to Spore: Here and here. Thanks E3! See ya again next year!


Double your Star Wars Pleasure

Woooo! I can link to youtube!! Fresh on the heals of some good news, some better stuff comes out! Dave will like this one feerrrr surreeee! o_O



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