More Later

Well, later has happened. Dawn is home now. She's feeling a lot better now. I think on Tuesday, she begins out-paitent dialysis some where here local. The plan is for her to go down to the Tri-Cities here soon to live with her parents while I try to find a job. Not fun times, I'll tell you. We'll get though it I guess.

Well, that's all I got right now.


A Tough Time

As some of you know already, Dawn was admitted into the hospital late Monday night. Her kidney's don't work so good no more. I apologize for not calling everybody, I find it difficult to keep up with just our family.

She's doing better as of today. She has started dialysis treatments yesterday and will probably continue on till Saturday. After that it will be 3 times a week until a kidney transplant. I would like to thank George W. Bush for limiting stem cell research to hardly anything useful in the United States. But that's an aside for a later time...

She's kind of in good spirits. If anybody would like to send a message to her via email, I'd be happy to print them out for her. She'd be happy to hear from you all. Feel free to send her c/o invadersil at gmail dot com. I will be sure to get all messages to her.

I love her very much...and right now, I miss her just as much. Anyway...more later I guess...


Math it up!

Do you like math? Find school had totally killed whatever thrill math brought you? Do you want to feel like your best nerd friend who can recited 3000 digits of pi? Well, now you can! With this amazing link!

It slices! It dices! It gives you why schools suck at math!

Ok, the informercial is over. Seriously though, trek over to that link to see one man's opinion on how math should be learned. Here's one thing that made me go "duh!!":

...You could figure it out because you know that division is just repeated subtraction.

WTF?! It is!!! Thanks to the web, I'm getting wiser in my old age. ^_^


Kennewick Man...

...has made the front page of CNN.com! Hurry quickly before they move it off! Here's the link to the full story just in case you missed.


Wil Wright

*sigh* Wil Wright...Spore...*drool*...see the demo via Google Video.

You will buy this game. If your computer is too wussy to play it, you will buy a new gaming machine. You will play this game.