Testing TwitterFeed

Just a test for TwitterFeed. I have to wait 30 mins now to see if it worked. But if it does, then it will do the job I need.

Almost two years

Why hello thar! Long time no see. I've been away. Evidently, sent you all over to MySpace. Sorry bout that. I'll never do that again. (I don't even use MySpace anymore and WTF was I thinking when I created that name!)

So, I'm back. Been busy I suppose. Got into Twitter. I'm approaching 1000 updates. Can you believe that? I can't either...wait, yeah I can. I like to write and since I didn't blog, Twitter was my outlet. But I'm finding 140 characters much too constricting. Thus today, about 11am on a lazy Sunday morning listening to "The Girl in Byakkoya" (I absolutely love Paprika BTW), The Last Blog is resurrected.

Lots to write about I suppose. Work, non-work...is there anything in between? Sure and I'm gonna write about it. I will see if can find a way link posts to Twitter. If blogspot can't do it, I'll investigate Wordpress.

Anyhow, it will be good to write long posts again. Welcome back. ^_^