Love on the wayside

My blog loved me once upon a time. But I've been cheating on her. Yeah, I know, I'm dirt scum. Yes, I've been using the blog feature on MySpace for the last several months. It was wrong at first because MySpace is like an armpit of the Internet. I kept on coming back to it though. The first couple of times, I knew I shouldn't have been there. But eventually, it became natural. I'm on MySpace almost everyday now.

All kidding aside (except for the armpit comment), I mainly use MySpace for the blogging now. I've collected like 11 friends there...yeah, "collected." You're just like bottle caps for my collection, to sit in a dark shoe box that's in the back of the closet where the spiders live. It's a small collection right now, but I know I can rival the big names. Then after I collect enough, I'll start trading you. A Katie and a Dawn for one Mike. Yeah, it's gonna be like that.

So, the point of all this now is, go to http://www.myspace.com/kawaiidesuka if you want to keep up with my going ons. If you haven't heard, I started ballroom dancing classes almost 5 weeks ago. Yeah. Me. Dancing that isn't DDR. Feel free to drop by, add me as a friend if you're on MySpace as well, and then maybe you'll be honored when I trade you for a Weird Al Yankovic.