A little vomit...(figuratively)

Yes, gross...I wished I didn't do it, but it just came out. Not tasty at all. Why did I do it? What would cause my stomach to turn, churn, and release the burrito goodness I had earlier tonight? While looking to see where the hell this place is at, I discovered a much more horrible event. The man that one of my esteemed readers duly noted looked like an ape from my previous post will be within five miles of my home late July. His ignorance is just a boat anchor for humanity. What's worse is that his presence here will draw more ignorance here to my home. This discovery has certainly soured my stomach. Ignorance is bliss (sometimes), but this discovery gives us an edge. Now, let us pray to our holy Ball of Spaghetti in the sky, let thy noodlly appendage bless us all. ARRRRR!!!!