Meebo me!

Yeah, just do it. You know you want to. Just inhale...deeply. Yeah...you got it.

Errr, yeah...Meebo is a browser based Instant Message chat application. You can put in all major IM accounts into it as well. For instance, I have my Yahoo! Messenger and Google Talk accounts working in it. This is on top of the regular Meebo account. Anyway, I added a little widget to the side over there *points over there* for all my fine readers to use. I'll see if I can slip Meebo past my work firewall. Then I'll be set. lol Well, that's it for now. Chat me up if you see me online. :)


No Spring for the weary

ZOMG!! I haven't posted in about two freaking months! Yes, I've been neglecting my posting duties. I'll point out the obvious. I think it is my only natural gift.

The last months of winter were uneventful. The most notable point of interest was finally picking up a Nintendo Wii at the beginning of March. I know I have put in over 50 hours of game play (in just one game) since I got it. We initially picked up The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess and Rayman: Raving Rabbids. A week or two ago, Wii Play graced our presence. There's a lot of games on the horizon for the Wii. It should be a promising year.

I've been sick twice since the latter half of February. I'm just now getting over the second whatever I had. This one wasn't nearly as annoying as the one in February, it just came on pretty fast. The worst part was the constant running nose.

Not much else to say here. Other than I'm using Google Docs to write this. I thought I would try it out as I can publish directly to my blog on blogspot. Since blogspot is blocked at work whereas Google is not, I could potentially post while at work. But being the diligent employee that I am, I wouldn't do that. ^_O We shall see...we shall see.