Shattered Goals

So, it has been done. I can wear size 36 pants for the first time that I can remember (for those of you wondering why it's soo damn cold in hell these days). I'm at about 188 with a bit of muscle. I'm still going for that elusive 180. I don't think I'll make mid February but that's ok. Probably early March. At that time, I'll probably switch to a different diet and continue with the exercise to maintain the weight. I'm pretty stoke. If you include this time last year, I have probably lost about 25 pounds so far. :)

Yeah, it's been hard. In fact, just today I had to decline a donut. I wanted it, it wanted me. It would have been the perfect union. But I bested temptation and my co-workers.

There shall be more goals to overtake this year. Learning Japanese is still on my list of things to do among others. It might just be a good year.