Goals in sight

Well, about a month ago, I posted up that I was doing the diet thing again. I had posted up my goals of being at 190 by the end of December. Well, it is 12.27.2006 and I am at about 192 lbs. The last two pounds may or may not come off in time, but no matter. Deadlines are good to work to but it won't break me if I don't make it. Since I got my new driver's license in the beginning of October where I stated my weight to be 204, I have lost 12 lbs. This is all by eating less and playing DDR religiously.

Our apartment complex recently got in some spanking brand new weight/fitness machines in their fitness room. I intend in the new year to start using them. My legs have some muscle tone to them. My everything else, not so much. I still have a belly, though it's easier to conceal these days. ^_^

So, there you go. An update from the west side. Yay...