A Legend of Zelda retrospective

I really liked this. If you haven't played any of these games, go out and do it now! You may get spoiled watching this if you had plans on playing. The last segment of this video is particular geeky, organizing a timeline of the games. That is above and beyond the most geeky thing I have ever seen. Ok, it's probably not and I myself have probably done something even more geeky in my past life. *shivers* heh Enjoy and go buy yourself a Wii!


Diet, Redux

So, you all mostly know of my plight of diets over the years. I'm on and off again kind of guy. Well, I'm on again right now, since the middle of October. I'm sitting at about 199 right now. I have a goal of 190 by the end of December. It would be grand to be at 180 by the middle of February. Of course, if I don't meet these goals by my desired time frame, oh well. I'll keep on pushing for those goal weights as I think it's about time for me to fall off the growing trend in America.

Like past diets, I've only eaten less and done DDR at least 3 times a week. It seems to be doing the trick. About two weeks ago, I went from doing the light mode to the standard mode on DDR. I wanted to burn off a few more calories at each session. I think the standard mode is certainly doing its job. For eating, I decided that I would be a bit less strict on what I ate. I throw in some decent food a couple of times a week. I don't over do it on the decent food which I think is helping. I think this the meal on Thursday was the lightest Thanksgiving meal I have ever had, that I can remember at least.

I've been feeling better health wise recently. My company has a softball team that plays during the spring which I hope to get on, schedule permitting. I've always been pretty good at hitting a ball with a bat. That should be up my alley, err diamond. o_^

So, that's it for right now. As always, more later.


The God Who Wasn't There

Here's another well written documentary about my favorite subject. It's an hour long so grab your popcorn.


The Government: Doer of good

Sometimes the US government does good. 'Dr. Dino' was found guilty of Tax Fraud. Him and Richard Hatch should get to know each other well.

Kent faces up to 288 years in prison. Being a man of God, God should oblige him to face the whole sentence, touching Kent with immortality till he can finish up. hehe His wife faces up to 225 years for aiding and abetting. Yup, you God-fearing peeps out there, you best be Government-fearing when it comes to taxes.