God should be an atheist?

In news, in the Journal of Religion & Society, a new study was published saying there's a strong correlation between religion and anti-social behavior. In other news, there's a journal covering religion and society.

Seriously though, this study is just more evidence for Richard Dawkins to eat up and give out in one if his documentaries and/or books. I'd read/watch it, if I had the time. Of course, according to the study, the japanese are rank one with the most atheists vs the least amount of violent crime. You wouldn't believe that watching their TV shows. hah Of course, the US is near the bottom of this list too, as well as this other survey about evolution belief. We, I mean the crazies probably in the south who among other things voted for Taylor Hicks (I'm sure this is a fallacy but it's funny to think there's a relationship there), just barely beat out Turkey. *sigh*


Star Wars: The Musical, One Season More

Sometimes, there's fan written crap that's well...crap. Then there is actual cream of the crop, rising to the top fan material that's just screams to be watched. Here is one such instance. One Season More. Please watch. I'm not one for musicals but I thought this was pretty good.


State Transition

It seems I haven't posted anything with substance for a long time. So I'll take a few minutes out of my not so busy Sunday night to post something.

Well, where do I begin. I guess I'll start with my job. This week will see my first full month as a full time employee anniversary. I'm stoked. Not really but I'm happy that I have a job which could last a long time. So far it has been all reading with little actually doing anything. That's cool though. The only thing I would change about the position would be the inclusion of more of my peers. I'm pretty much one of a kind there. Again, it's all good. I'll deal and make it into something positive.

We actually left the house this weekend. We went to this park along the Sound in Edmonds. Someone at work let me know about it. He called it a beach and in a technical definition of the word, it was a beach. However, it was really rocky. Very little in the way of sand. And it smelled but it was low tide and seaweed was all over the place close to the water. I took some video of our time there. It wasn't terribly exciting so I think I will collect some more footage of stuff and then make a "super video."

Last weekend I spent some time to get some better cooling in my computer. I found that when I was making that first video I had posted, it would lock after about 3 or 4 minutes into creating the final video. I tracked it down to my CPU overheating, getting above 70 degree Celsius which is bad. The plan was to cannibalize another computer I had for the case (it had a fan port on the back) and an extra fan. I spent that Saturday morning doing it all and it only cost my one dollar to get the CPU temp down by about 4 or 5 degrees. That's enough to where I haven't seen any more locking problems. The one dollar was for the screws to attach the fan to the case. I just walked around the corner to a local computer shop to get them. I think I will buy systems from them should I ever get to that point of doing so.

I haven't really been playing any kind of games lately. I have been playing several hours of Guild Wars a week with Dave, though. My character is weak and dies alot. Without Dave's fighter character, I would die a lot more. It's pretty good for the most part. Though he has this thing for the PvP area of the game while I prefer the RPG side. Is my age showing?

Speaking of age, yet another birthday for me is in sight. The end of the month and I'll be turning 31. Yay. Yay for me. Probably not going to do anything. No party, no gifts, no nothing. Just another day for government statical information. Yay.

Ack, I seem I could be going on forever here so I'll cut myself here and save the rest for another day. Sayonara...