Happy New Years!!

On the East Coast. 15 Minutes ago. haha We still have 2.75 hours left to midnight.

So Dave finally got a Nintendo DS. He got quite a bit of holiday money which popped him close enough to get a DS and a game. He's been wanting one for a while now because of the game Nintendogs. Actually there's a whole slew of games for the DS that's awesome! I need a better job just to buy them all! heh

Dawn's family came up today bearing gifts and stuff. They got Dawn and I a new blender. It'w freaking awesome! Like 16 speeds and a glass jar/container...thingey. Our last one was plastic and would choke when it tried to chop up ice. So it's all good! ^_^

So I probably won't post for the rest of the evening. Happy New Years and stuff!


And So It Begins

Why wait for New Years when you can do resolutions whenever the hell you want to!!

So, here's my list, some of which I've already started:

  • lose weight - I joined up with EDiets again. I liked it last time and it worked. I suspect I will see the same results.

  • Learn Japanese - So I've been off and on over the course of last year trying to learn this. I've picked up some stuff here and there, but nothing to where I could lead a nice conversation with someone else. I hate doing stuff just to learn it. If I can't use it, I'll lose it. So I need to find ways to use it other than going to Japan, though that would be fun.

  • Get a full time job - I could be happy in the short time just to have a contract position, but working straight 40s seems limiting to me. Also being a contract seems not as cool.

So that's what I have right now. I have other things I want to do, but these are the most important. Each one has it's hurdles and time needed to invest. About the only thing I resolve to do is to do my best.



I was writing a posting about Nova the other day and my computer thought it was a good time to give me the BSOD. I need new memory me thinks. I'm getting tired of the random BSOD. *sigh*

So I started up DDR again. I'm doing about 3 times a week. Tomorrow will be a week of doing that. I'm also trying to stay late at work to read and or do stuff that I can't do at home due to distractions the other days of the week. Damn, I also sense my monitor about to go color blind again at this very moment. Anyway, I've been reading up on C#. I got a new book a month back on C# 2005. It's pretty cool. I need to learn it better. I need a full time to make all this time I spent in school and stuff worth while.

I'm currently drinking this organic apple juice stuff mixed with Vodka at the suggestion of Dawn's dad. It's odd tasting. Fortunately, we bought some Sierra Mist tonight so I can fall back on that. :)

Well, happy secular holidays and stuff. May all your holiday dreams become reality. ^_^


Happy Holidays!

My monitor is beginning to die a slow death. One of the colors keep on flickering in and out. I guess it's time for me to go flat. :) I'm sad though. I like my 19 inch monitor. I hope I don't have to put it out its misery. Oh well.


Seahawks!!! NFC West Division Title Holders

How about them apples! The Rams lost today. Before the Seahawks play tomorrow night in Philly, they already know that they have the NFC West Division title. What's cool about this is Seattle still has 5 games left. 5!! And they are the first team to clinch their division title. And now, Seattle will be playing for home field advantage through out the playoffs. I don't ever recall even thinking that before. Seattle and home field advantage were always polar opposites. The mere thought of it makes my head swim. :D