I'm bored. I'm seriously considering getting me some Code Red and doing some coding. I can't believe how bored I am. I haven't been this bored in ages.

Bored, bored, bored. On a scale of 1 to 10, i'm a 10 bored. Bored.

Ok, enough being bored. I'll just be boring now.


It's no use

Seattle lost today. It's seemed like they would after on their first play ended with a fumble. Opening kickoff and they screw up right from the beginning. I wonder if it's worth watching any more.

It's certainly beginning to look like watching sports is something I should grow out of. Sure, not everybody in the NFL sucks, but when your home team continues to drain whatever hope of sports happiness, it's not cool anymore. I can now feel what the fans of the Boston Red Sox have felt for decades before their team finally won last year.

I have to say that I enjoy watching tennis still and the occasional golf match.

I dunno...I gots other things on my mind right now. Being 30 and barely in a better spot than I was last year. Yeah, "boo-hoo" you say. *sigh*...more later...maybe



One of my friends that I have known the longest on the Internet is ok!! She had lived in New Orleans. It would appear that her and her family got out on Sunday and managed to get to Little Rock, AK. I always thought of Arkansas indifferently, but they go up a notch today. =D


Konban wa

That's 'Good Evening' in Japanese.

I'm finally feeling like I'm progressing with my Japanese skills. I'm finally seeing some silent vowels which I was trying to pronounce but yet the speaker on the CD was skipping. I didn't understand for a long time and it was frustrating. Tonight I sat down for I think over two hours(!) and read through the first seven lessons. Several lessons I would repeat certain clips over and over till I could understand what was going on. By the way, I'm using the Living Language: Japanese Complete Course. The link goes to a newer version, but I'm sure it's about the same as the one that I have which I got very late 90's or very early 2000's.

I'm far from being able to watch anime without subtitles, but I think I'm on my way. Now the trick is to stick to studying a few times a week otherwise I'll stay in this deep, deep, deep rut that I've been in since...I dunno...forever? I think after I learn some more, I'll need to search out a native speaker to help me out. I had attended a Japanese group once in the Bellevue area which was pretty cool. They only meet once a month but I work a shift where I leave work around 3pm. They meet at 7pm. It's pretty inconvenient to go home then come back then go home again. That's at least an hour of additional travel. On good days. I guess I'll figure something out.

Well, that's enough for right now. Talk at y'all later.