The Con Report

Wow, over a week late with this. Oh well. What can I say, I suck.

Radcon 2005 was a pretty good time. I introduced two noobs to the con scene. They seemed to be sucked into it. I attended a few of the panels. I got to make a little piece of chainmail. Making chainmail is a whole like knitting: It's a lot of repetitious motions to make anything significant. I also attended a panel on falconer. It was mostly a Q&A though the larger falcon decided to demo it's pooping ability.

The night life was good too. The first night I was up until 4 or something like that. I was up at 8am or there abouts the next morning, or 4 hours as the case was. I turned in far too early on Saturday. My mind was saying that I needed to make up for lack of sleep the previous night so I fell asleep around 11:30pm. That was about the worst thing the whole weekend. Overall, it was a good weekend. It was also Dave's first Radcon. He seemed to have fun too. I'll probably take him back next year.

After the con was over, it was apparent that a lot of people were getting the flu. I was one of them. I finally got over it today. Unfortunately for Dawn, she caught it and it seems a bit worse for her. Hopefully it will blow over quickly.

Well, that's it for now...


The Con

Well, here it is again. President's Day weekend. And you know what that means, right? Students get Monday off? Banks are closed Monday? Yes, but more importantly: RADCON 4A is this weekend! Woot!! I can't believe I made it a whole nother year! It's crazy! That sweet, sweet Romulan Ale shall be mine! yessssss...

Today, I'm gonna go help do setup. It shall be fun. Yesssss...fun....Tomorrow I shall be going to the Red Lion in Pasco and start my weekend of enjoyment! Yesssss... Enjoyment....

If you see me there, be sure to say hi! If you don't see me there that means you're not there. What's wrong with you?! Ahem....Anyway, come out and enjoy the spunky, funky, clunky (clunky?) fun at Radcon! Its all weekend!


Something you didn't know about Superman

Superman is a dick. It's right here on the covers of Superman comics and spin off comics from the beginning. Who would have thought that the man of steal is also the man of asshats. Umm..yeah...Anyway, check out the covers. I couldn't stop laughing at a few of them.


Super Bowl Halftime show

Well, what a pleasant surprise. The Super Bowl was kind of good this year. The Eagles made a last ditch effort to win, but McNabb threw an interception with 9 seconds left on the clock. I was routing for them. Oh well. It was a good game nonetheless.

That half-time show was actually kind of good too. They only had Paul McCartney doing three or four of his songs. This was nice for two reasons: 1. He was doing it live. 2. There wasn't 20 different pop asshats up there singing a melody of their songs. Both of these were a pleasant surprise. Trying to find performers doing stuff live on TV is like finding a knowledgeable sales person at Best Buy. It's freaking rare. On top of being live, he did full versions of his songs, not a melody of 30 second clips of his collective hits.

It was a good change of pace for sure. While Paul is an old timer to me, I still enjoyed his music. Maybe next time they can get Dave Mathews Band :D