An Incredible Game

I so do love Blue's News. I always get the best of the internet from there. Now here's a game that was posted on Blue's News just today. This game is incredible. It's simple, elegant, and has very beautiful art. This has a dark, gothic feel to it. It's very cool and I would appreicate it very much if you go there and play. Go here to play. Click on "A Murder of Scarecrows" to start it. Once you get started, there's an option to turn the music on on the right side of the playing area. Please turn that on too. Good music to go with the game

Well, enjoy!


If you like Batman...

...and I know you do, they just released the teaser trailer for Batman Begins staring Christian Bale. Doesn't show too much. A brief glance at the suit, him walking around the world. Pretty teaser. I just hope that it's better than those crap ass ones that Joel Schumacher did. Please, for the sake of all person kind!

So, that's it. Oh yeah, I have gone to the myspace place in the sky. Here's where you can see more info and where you can also....Be. My. Friend. Don't you want to be my friend?

Depressing the job market

It's me again. *SPOILER* Time for me to whine some more. If you want to stick around, cool. If not, please see me in full color goodness on my webcam.

So, I was reading some threads on Monster.com this morning. I was reading about how people who have degrees who have been looking for jobs for 2 or 3 years and how their current job is at fast food joints. It's very bleak. See, 2 or 3 years is too long to wait for a job that will pay for all your bills and have some left over for food and misc. It's really depressing.

It doesn't help when you have companies that have policies of posting jobs to positions that have preferred internal candidates. It's a waste of my time to do up a new cover letter and spiff up the resume for a position that has no chance of external light. They could at least put on the posting that "This is a preferred posting. You can apply, but it may not help your sorry ass. Have a nice day!" Wouldn't that just be grand?

Anyway, the options are getting slimmer everyday. My patiences wears thinner. I have decided that work in manual labor such as forklift/warehouse is out of the question for me. Sure that scrunches my job possibilities, but after having a person I know killed at a place I used to work at involving forklifts, I'll live with the consequences. Food service is mostly out as well. I've held two food service positions and each one was thankless from managers and customers, well most customers. I've only had one stint in retail, but it left a bitter taste in my mouth. It's something that I'd do again, only if things prove to be the end.

Yeah, so that's that. I really don't know what to do other than keep on sending out resumes and learning stuff on the sly. It's been 4 weeks now since my internship ended. Hopefully some windfall will happen and the events and times of my life will improve. Or some wind will fall a tree on my head. Can I say anything about breaking wind? No? Oh, ok.

Well, that's it for now. I think I'll go "borrow" that bottle of rum I got for my father-in-law now.


My first comic of stuff Posted by Hello

Creative Cake

Here is a guy that really enjoys what he does. Check out these cakes that this guy made for halloween themed parties. They look really cool. I bet they taste really good..mmmm....Brains....


Going where none of us have gone before

Please direct your attention to the right side of the page. There you will see a tag board. Please use for fun and recreation. Hopefully it will work as advertised. heh


Three Hours in the Park

My new movie, coming to a screen near you.

Today, Dawn, David, and myself went to the park to help celebrate Chelee's and Mr. T's son's birthday. We were there for a little over three hours. Yes, three hours. It's probably the longest I've been outside that didn't include doing work out in the yard (which I really hate doing). Dave enjoyed running all around the place. Fortunately, he stayed relatively clean meanning he didn't dump dirt on himself. Always trying to stay clean, that one. I guess he figures if he doesn't get dirty, he doesn't need to take a bath. Oh, what little does he know.

Also had a long chat with Mr. T about Star Wars and other worldly stuff. It was quite the enjoyable time. Even had some good pizza made by Chelee. Oh yeah, can't forget the Dirt and Worms in a cup. Very tasty that.

Well, that's it. So until next time.



Today I have been experimenting....you know...werid stuff. Like streaming webcams. Really freakishly weird stuff. I can't tell you how weirded out I am.

So, without further nonsense, here's my work from all this morning. Static Me.

I was working on a streaming part too, but the software I have only allows for 1 minute at a time. Need to shell out $25 for the full version. Anyway, I'll put a link to the side so you can always look upon me with uncaring eyes.

It's worth to mention that if the pic doesn't change, it means I'm asleep or I'm just not serving images.

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More Star Wars Stuff

Well, get ready for some Sithly revenge. Yes, the next Star Wars movie title will be Revenge of the Sith. I think it's the best title of the prequals. Hopefully it will turn out to be the best movie as well. Here's hoping to GL not being a complete idiot.

Thank You Gansta Rap

So, this morning I've been in a funk. I don't want to do anything. Feel like crap,you know...the usuall. Java isn't making sense, my future is bleak, and I'm yelling at people I shouldn't be yelling at. It sucks...and I hate it. I needed something to make me laugh and I found it. In the form of Star Wars Gansta Rap: Special Edition.

Those familar with the first version knows of the catchy tune and pretty ok flash animation. The guys took it up a notch. They kept the orginal song and added brand new animation that matches well with the song. Darth Vader rapping and Luke with his Jawa posse is hilarious. It's great! I feel a little better now and I thank the BentTV crew for updating their great creation.

The Library

We went to the library today. Dawn got the third Harry Potter book and some videos for Dave and some others for herself. While she was doing that, I saw something that almost made me jump up and down and yell with glee! And I would have had it not been the library. While on my way to the computer books (Dear Richland Library, Get more recent computer books. Best Regards, Keith), I stumbled across the young adult section. Well, I didn't really stumble, I pretty much knew exactly where it was. Doesn't matter. Anyway, what I saw, sitting on the highest shelf, just about my eye level, were several anime DVDs. Inuyasha, Ranma 1/2, Sailor Moon, Gundum, Outlaw Star (should of picked that one up) and something else I think. Can't remember what it was. It wasn't a huge selection. It was just the mere fact that some of my fave anime titles sat at my local public library for anybody to enjoy.

Ever since I had to cancel our Netflix account, I have been mostly animeless. Yes, it's a huge shame. I was busy waching Neon Genesis Evangelion. Now I don't remember which DVD we stopped on. Besides Neon Genesis, there's new stuff that is released every week, day even. So, I'm missing out on a whole bunch of stuff. I'm just glad that the Library has Inuyasha. I started watching that last year when it was on Adult Swim. I got to see the first 20 episodes or so? They don't have that many at the library, but it will be nice to see what they edited out.

So, yeah, the library might become my new source of anime goodness. So, here's hoping for them to get more anime DVDs! So, until next time.


3 Weeks and Counting

This editing thing sucks. Maybe it's a mozilla thing. I dunno. Anyway...

What have I've been doing with my time in the last three weeks? Well, I've applied to at least 15 jobs nationwide. Hopefully something local will pop up. I've brushed up on my Java. I don't think I'm a complete idiot using it now, but I haven't actually used it other than learning it. I should probably do a simple app or something.

I've also been playing Dungeon Siege and been learning more about the Dungeon Siege Toolkit. It's always fun to mod your favorite game to make it do things you want it to do. Lots of work. The good part is that I don't have to make any new models are art if I don't want to. I have access to all the pre-created pieces that's found in DS. The editor does have the tendancy to crash. Not too much though. Just annoyingly so. I wonder if it's because I'm still running win98. I had the same problems with the Unreal Editor but that crashed far more often and I know that it's pretty stable under WinXP. Why don't they make a linux version? Tell me!!! Oh? I could do it? I could. It would be the biggest project I'd ever worked on, that's for sure.

Well, that's enough stuff for the time being. So, until next time.


My most disturbing post....EVER.

wow...they changed the editing stuff here....anyway.

Some of us have played Soul Calibur II. And some of us are grossed out by the character named Voldo. He's very icky. Some of us also know of the song "It's getting hot in here" by our favorite Nelly. Two people out in internet land thought it would be a good idea to combine the two. Here is their creation. Prepare to be grossed out to the max, man.



A little quicky for your viewing entertainment. I guess I should put in a viewer warning thingey here. I'd say it's a pg-13 rating. Pretty funny though.

Hard Things

Yeah, so I think I mentioned I was trying to learn Japanese a post or two ago. I'm using a program called The Rosetta Stone Japanese explorer CD-ROM. It claims to have over 3 million users worldwide though I think that's for the whole Rosetta series. But let me tell you something, this particular learning system is hard. I'm not stopping by any means. It's just hard.

It's gets right to the meat and potatoes of the language, skipping the typical stuff you might learn up front like individual words and how to work with the language. What this system does is give you a phrase and tries to associate that phrase to a picture. Sometimes the pictures are hard to discern properly. Also they have a particular word meaning one thing in one picture and it looks to mean something different in the next picture. It's very confusing. True in our own language, we have a whole bunch of weird things going on. And I admit since English is the only language I really known all my life, these things are second nature to me.

Another problem I have with the software is that there's no way to hear each word in turn. You have to hear the whole phrase or nothing at all. The speaker is also talking fairly fast (I think), another problem since some letters sound different to what I'm use to. I think I hear one thing but my mouth want to go "blah".

Now I mention plural things. Here's the second. Trying to keep focus on one or two things so you don't spread yourself like butter on toast. I find it difficult to try to keep on one thing for very long. I might come across a second thing that may take my interest and I go and do that for a while, then a third thing might come sniffing around and I go and do that. While I'm doing the 3rd thing, the first two and just hanging back unfinished. Lately I've just trying to 1) find a job, 2) learn more Java, and 3) learn Japanese. Those are my three most current white whales. Aye, great whites they are. Errr Anyway...

So, that's it for the time being. I hope I've been entertaining for all three of you. So, until next time.


Of the worth of a piece of paper

So, I'm about through the first full week of looking for a job. And it still looks bleak. All I know is while I don't have a job using the skills I gained through school, that piece of paper (which I won't get actually till August at the earliest) that says I did all that hard work will be slowly deprecating. Though really, in my field, slowly actually means pretty damn fast. Yes, the $25,000 I spend on school (including food, lodging, and tuition) is all going to result in a worthless degree.

As I look through the job listings, almost all companies are requiring a BS/BA and around 4 to 5 years of experience. Before I started school, people told me to get a 4 year degree because companies like that. And I head full steam into getting the degree. But now, as I think more about it, the degree is pretty worthless. For a person who's been in the computer industry for 5 years, that BS/BA is nothing more than a memory. Skills gained then are going to be useless now because that's just how the computer industry is.

My degree is particular worthless because I started back in 1993. Back when if you had a computer, you were lucky to be running Windows 3.1. Looking through a notebook I had which I used for a biology class in 1997 did not ring any bells with me, though some of it could have been applied to that last quarter of bio. The cliche of "Use it or lose it" is too apparent here. I didn't use bio so I lost most of it. I started out programming with Pascal in 1993. I don't remember any of it other than I had a class or two in pascal. I started C programming around 96 or 97 and I still remember it cause I've used some version of it off and on since then.

But that's where I stopped. I know technology that's about 8 years old now, to me. Now a days, people are using stuff created about 3 years ago with the advent of Windows XP. That's just about when I started WSU and WSU doesn't like teaching the new technology, unlike CBC where they try to keep up with the Jones.

Anyway, I think I'm just whining about the whole worth of my degree here in a few months. I'm disappointed with myself for not staying in the CS program and completing my degree in the recommended 4 to 5 years. New tech comes out every day and I'm playing catch up all the time. I'm so far behind now in some things that I wonder if I'll ever get to a position in my life that I'll enjoy.

Ok, that's enough. I think I have more job postings to look at or something. *sigh*


The icky Locker Gnome is Right

So sayeth me.

Ok, for those of you who watched TechTV back before it turned to crap, there was this one show on it that was called Call For Help. For a majority of the time it was one, it was hosted by Chris Pirllo, the Locker Gnome. He had far too much spunk to be a host for a show. He eventually got canned/quit, whatever ( I don't keep up on the gossip) but he had his website for longer than that. He still has it in fact.

There are also many of you who still use Internet Explorer as your main browser. As you know, there's tons of problems with that. First of all, it's a Microsoft product which infers tons of bugs and flaws. Second of all, it's a Microsoft product. Third of all, etc. ad nauseum. Yes, it's a bad bad thing. I've been using Mozilla for a year at least now and I have to say I'm pretty happy with it. And you know what? That Locker Gnome agrees with me. Now I wouldn't normally openly agree to anything that he has to say. But here, I must agree with the gnome. IE is the devil and it will claim your first 3 children and their first 3 children.

So, for your own good, go do what the gnome tells you to do. Ignore the nightmares for a night or two. Just go do it. Do it so humanity can move on into a safer, happier place. Pluueazze? Do it for the children.



This link may not make sense to everybdoy, but here's a link to the comic strip User Friendly about blogging. It's a couple weeks old now. Anyway, that's it for now. Until the next time.


hanford tri-cities asshole

An actual search hit from google. Sure all terms can be found on my blog, but for someone to look for that in particular? All I can say is "wow". Though I want more "adam brody shirtless" hits. LOL

Live from South Central

Well, it's more like central Richland if anything. Anyway, I thought I would give you all a little update to what's up with me.

I'm done with my internship so I'm looking for another job. Now I'm not limiting myself to the local area. I've opened it up for Seattle and beyond. Hopefully Seattle. While there's too many people there, it's not all that bad. Also lots of computer jobs up there in general. My big worry is moving from here to there, if that should happen.

We got one of our last major purchases on Thursday. And it's it swell. We got a new dance pad that has thick padding that dulls the noise created from jumping around on DDR. This pad also has a connection for a PS2, so when we do get a PS2 (and we will so we can get DDRMAX2) we'll be set for more dancing madness! But job first.

I've started to learn Japanese again. Now that I don't have the guilt of not doing my homework on my mind, I have all this free time. I've always wanted to learn Japanese so I could watch anime without English translation. And it will be useful when we get to go to Japan, at some point in my life. It's an interesting and difficult language and I'm going to work at it so I can move my tongue and mouth in the ways it needs to move. So, look forward to be hearing phrases from my mouth that isn't English and isn't quite Japanese. LOL

Ok, that's it for now. So, until next time.