Two Things

I'd rather be writing than working.

Second, I get a lot of email from various things I have signed up for over the years. Stuff I don't care about and things I direct to the spam box because....well, I can. Think Clinton here. Anyway, one of the things I signed up for was Reunion.com. Yeah, I signed up for that and classmates back before the reunion I didn't go to last year. So, just checking up on my email, I find a newsletter from the R place (said r com above) and in the subject is says the normal stuff you find from high school reunion places. Says 3 or 4 new members from my class or range of years, blah blah blah. But a new things shows up. It said someone was searching for me. 1 search. This perked my interest cause really, who'd be looking for me now? So I click through and ultimately learned that if I want to find out, I have to sign up. So, this is either a ploy for them to make me sign up or someone did a search for me. In any event, I'm not signing up. My interest has to be perked up by more than one search.

But a couple of weeks ago, while looking through my blog log (which is lost cause I forgot to copy before I put up the new design) I found that someone found my blog by searching by my name. This was on June 2nd. I certainly didn't do it cause I know where my blog is...for the time being. I could attribute this to submitting a resume a couple of days before and they were using google to find info on me. Which is weak. Seriously, if you have to google me to find stuff on me...well, I don't know what to say. Nothing about natural selection this time though.

Well, that's all I got for the time being. Oh yeah, I'm enjoying not worrying about school. It's soooo cool! I can just come home, cook dinner, clean up, veg for few hours and repeat work day the next day. Having every other Friday off is good too, though this next week is my last week of my intern. Time to go back to worrying again. *sigh*


A new look

I hope you aren't green with envy. :P

As you can see, my blog as turned a shade of green. It's not easy being green, so says one frog. However, I forgot to copy my links so don't be too angry with me. The links will be rebuilt within a few weeks, or when I have time. Which ever comes first. On a side note, I have signed up for a Gmail account. You can reach me at InvaderSil *at* gmail dot com. For those not in the know, remove *at* and insert @ and remove dot with a period (.). Also any extra spaces should be removed as well. I'd like to keep that spam free for a few weeks at least. If you do send me an email to that account, it might be a few days before I get to it. I'm not in the habit of checking yet. Give me time.

Well, I hope you enjoy the new look. Until next time.


Summertime Driving

Yes, summer is here again. How do I know it's summertime? A: Is it the warm to sweltering weather? B: Or perhaps the longer days and shorter nights? C: Or could it be some crazy event is happening every weekend? D: None of the above?

If you went with D, you'd be correct. The correct answer to this perplexing question is....the insurgent of crazy teenage drivers. Yes, every night is filled with stupid kids driving like they are in some NASCAR race. Stupid kids that can't look where the hell they're going before they pull out into traffic. As if there's enough stupid drivers on the road talking on their stupid cell phones, summer just gets worse by a factor of 20.

Driving to and from work is bad enough cause of Hanford area workers feel like since there's a 25 mile drive to their particular work area one way, they have the right to do 80 Mph in a 55. That's totally ridiculous. Now I have to contend with the sumertime antics of crazy teenagers who feel like since they are let out of their cage, they get to do 80 in a 40.

If you're a teen, all I ask is you pull your head out of the sky and look where the hell you are going. You're going to have a short life otherwise.

And if you're not a teen, but a driver who feels like they must use their Cell phone while driving...well, I don't know what to say about you folks. Other than may natural selection have mercy on you.

The circle is now Complete.

When I last pulled out the guts of my computer, it was about 2000. Four years ago was my last major computer upgrade. When I left, I was an undergrad student. Now I am the graduate. I am happy to report that all is fine within the computer known as The Massive.

Here's the breakdown of what I got.

My next major piece of hardware will be a new video card. My current video card is a cast off from CV. I'm happy with it, it just doesn't cut the mustard any more. Specially when I'll be making the next gen computer games! In my next life. Anyway, that's what I got and I'm happy. :)


Miracle of Life

So, as of Wednesday, I am an official graduate of computer science, unofficially. I actually have to wait till August to make it official official, but I can look past that. There are a few things I'd like to share, nuggets of pure delight, that I have gleamed from my time at school.

First, your ass is indeed connected to your mouth. Yes, it's true. The biology book said so. Well, in not that direct fashion. I kind of summarized five or six chapters. Since the beginning of the time when I have thought about life, I had viewed it with some sort of mystery behind it. We are just alive thingeys walking about, doing stuff. I had the concepts of organs and stuff like that. And when I had to urinate, I just went. I didn't think about it, just did it. Now, after my year long biology lesson, every time I tinkle, I think "Gee, there goes some Urea out the ol' urethra. Good-bye Nitrogen waste, I'll miss you." Now, is that just depressing or what? Other mysteries included the mobility thing. How things move around. See, one neuron from the brain shoots a potential down to the motor cap on the muscle telling it to contract. It goes "YES, I OBEY!". The counterpart muscle "AHHHHHHH" while it relaxes. Every time I move, I'm thinking "Go neurons, Go neurons, It's your birthday..." Ad nauseum. The bottom line of this is that Life isn't so mysterious anymore. We are all big bags of water that secrete urea and use ATP constantly.

My next nugget of knowledge comes from the whole length of my time in the prison...errr school system. It is harder to barely get by than it is to make a conscience effort to actually do well. This last piece of wisdom was clearly appear to me just this last quarter. About half-way through the quarter, I stopped trying to do well and tried to just do. Meaning I only wanted credit. This will add new ulcers to your hole ridden stomach at the end of the quarter. This class was my last class. I needed the credit to finish off my degree. If I didn't get it, I would have shelled out another $350 for one class during the summer. Fortunately, another person is teaching that class. But fortunately, that was pre-empted with my 0.7 grade point. Yes. I totally suck. 0.7 gets credit at WSU and CBC. I didn't write the rules you know. I had worried for a week wondering if I did well enough, would I have to go back to CBC? It just wasn't worth sitting there, waiting, calculating an imaginary grade point. So, with that, when you go out there, just don't do your best, do more than your best because sometimes your best just doesn't cut it.

Well, that's enough insightful from me to last.....ummm....a week. So, until next time, enjoy the nacho platter.


A fistfull of NULL

So, as of late, I don't really have anything to post about. The trials and tribulations of school is almost over. That all I had to bitch and whine about. I'm almost a working man. I'm hoping that one of several resumes gets to the right place. I really do. Four weeks left in my internship and the gross reality of having nothing after that is on my mind. But other than that, I gots nothing.

I could post about cool games, neat stores I've been in, or even my daily mundane life. Maybe, just maybe, I'll start an underground comic about my life. That would be swell! Oh? Already been done? Damn. Figures. Always the last to dinner. Well, that's all I got. See y'all later.