Before I forget

Here's another installment of "What to watch on the Internet". Today's video is umm..filled with fighting bunnies. Yes, that's right. Fighting Bunnies. Watch at your own risk. Go Now!

It's Sunday morning. Do you know where your Paper is?

So, yeah. Lots have happened in the last week or so. I finally did the walk down the red carpet at my graduation on the 14th. However, it seemed to take more time waiting to shake hands with school officials I have never seen before than the whole 11 years I was in college. Spooky, yes? So, I'm almost done. I just need credit in my last class. Believe me, that's all I'm aiming for now.

I'm really tired of Biology. It's memorizing without application. Also the worst smell that you could ever pssibility encounter while programming, ok there's two, is the smell of your computer catching on fire cause you tweaked it too much. The second one I mentioned is the BO coming from your coworkers who feel like they have evolved beyond the need for showers. Which can be pretty bad. But the smell of a dead pig you are dissecting stays with you. It gets in your clothes, your hair, it lands your skin. It's like smoke from cigars (and other smokable stuff). Biology is not for me. Nor will it ever be.

My internship that I have has turned into a hunt for data laying around in 10 year old data files. I'm pissed off because it's a manual job which has no hope of automating in the short time they want the data. I'm pissed because I spent a day and a half looking through the files only to be told after I thought was done that I got the wrong data. The data I was told to grab. But you know what? That's fine. If they want to pay the more expensive intern to do the grunt work, fine. I don't care. But it's about time that I start looking for a job for afterwards. *sigh*

So, until next time.


New and Impoved

It may be new, but I don't see the improved yet. Well, really this is just a test post...nothing to see here. These aren't the droids you're looking for...move along...move along.

EDIT: Say goodbye to Haloscan comments. I'll sure will miss them.

EDIT: For Crying out loud, I can't quote from Star Wars anymore. I guess I need to watch again soon.


A little off the top, please

It's been about ten days since I've lasted posted. That beginning seems like something you'd hear from a confessional thing at some church. Which? I don't know and have little energy to go research it. If you know, please let me know.

I guess I'll cover the last couple of days. Starting with today. First, I mowed the back yard with my landlord's lawn mower. Once I get a stable income, I'll get my own lawn mower. My dad has a mower that has a power train, self-moving kind of stuff. $300 for it. It's pretty sweet. After mowing the lawn, I took a shower and ran some errands which ended with getting my nephew to play with Dave. We all then went to Dawn's parents for the first BBQ of the season. Steak and fish. Not bad. The steak was really smokey though. But free is as free does.

Yesterday marked the end of the first full (kind of) week at work. It pretty much included reading a bunch and playing cribbage. Well, I played a few hands on Friday and watched the rest of the time. I'm suppose to be working 8x9s but my class in the morning won't let me get all that in. They won't let me stay there at the office by myself either. I'm kind of annoyed. At PNNL, they give students at least 12 hour access unsupervised. Of course that's case by case. I had that access at PNNL. So I'm getting a great deal as I"m not working a full time schedule and doing hardly anything for the time being. I'm actually gonna be doing something that's kind of cool. My mentor seems knowledgable but talks a lot. But he's knowledgable about chemistry stuff and not so much on CS and that's cool. I imagine that he'll be looking for me to do some cool stuff.

Friday also marked the 30th which was the last day to enter that writing contest that I had mentioned a while back. This last week was a busy one for me and I didn't find the time to get it write more. It's an interesting story though and I'd like to finish it just to say I actually finished something in my life.

Thursday was Dave's first T-Ball game. He did pretty well. Both teams batted around 3 times and called it good. Which is fine for 5 year olds. It was kind of amusing at times trying to see the kids run the bases. Two of them on the same base, running when their coach told them to stop. But fun was had by all, cept at the very end.

Thursday was also the first annual (I hope) Games Day at WSU TC. It was something I personally started and more or less ran cept for the time I was at the T-Ball game. We had pizza. We had games. We had lots of fun. Though a word to the wise: Order lots of pizza for hungry college students. At all times we got pizza, it all went fast, like less than a minute fast. They had all circled the area like vultures, sensing that their prey was near. It was disgusting. But a lesson learned for the next time it's held.

The rest of the week went by without major events. A week from today, we had a yard sale. We raked in $300. I was happy because we had no money at the time and that allowed us to get groceries and gas. We also have less to move now. heh

I'm not sure what else to say right now. Oh yeah, in reference to the title, I got a haircut today. I didn't even go to the barber. I was actually getting tired of the crap I was getting. Anyway, that's it. Until next time.