The Light has shined upon me!

Actually it was pretty random. But I found this site off the main blogger page. It's called Smoke and Mirrors and it has some great content about being an atheist including a link to this video aptly named "Kissing Hank's Ass." Ahh...yes...good times.

Ok, time for more meat

Yeah, so my last post was not very good. I apologize. It's just been a long time since I'd had a flow of money into my dirty hands.

So, I think I mentioned a few posts back that I should enter a writing competition. So far, I have about 1 page worth. I'd say it's about 20% done. It's starting out well. I have an idea for the middle. But the ending I would really like to have something different going on. Something unexpected. So far, I'm riding the cliche express to the ending. I'll hopefully think of something. I won't post it till I enter it though. I don't want to break any kind of vague rules.

So, until the end.



I got an internship at CH2M Hill today!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I might be able to start as early as the 26th of April!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



Terribly Clear

After going to two job fairs in the last month, it is very clear to me that the Tri-Cities is not where it's at for jobs in making computer software. The local colleges temp you with computer classes and degrees. But once you're all done, they're laughing all the way to the bank. See, they know there's no computer software industry here. But they offer the classes all the same. *sigh* Another problem includes WSU just teaching theory classes based on Linux when the whole rest of the fucking world uses Windows. It's like "Thanks for all that great information, let me go apply it on something that will take me months to learn first." Here's a kicker, during the summer, they are finally teaching a class that has application in Windows. There's just no slack to be had with me.

As you probably know, I am but 2 months shy getting my degree in compute science. Now I'm in this limbo, ethereal place where I need a job, but minimum wage isn't gonna cut it and I can't leave the area until my degree is done. Of course, there's that ever popular chicken and the egg syndrome of to get a job, you need experience, but to have experience you need a job. I think I've said something about that before.

Over the years, I have watched my mistakes pile up. And of course, each mistake pointed me to where I sit today, in my sleeping attire, typing on my blog, inevitability missing my first class of the day. And slightly hungry. Of course I'm hungry not from a mistake, but from not eating this morning. Anyway...

The point being of this whole post is that the light at the end of my tunnel has shrunk exponentially to where I can see a small sliver of light using high tech light detecting technology. It's really dark right now and it just not fun. Yes, this will pass....


$100 for your short story

Well, not exactly, but it's something. At the community college I attend, they are doing a writing contest. The categories include Short Story-Fiction, Essay, and Poetry. The grand prize (why do they need a grand prize?) is $100 and $75 for first in each category. I'm thinking of writing a short story and throw it into the mix. With the amount of free time I have, I could easily get a short story out in before the final submission date, April 30th I believe. Writing is cool. But it's something I haven't tuned so I'm real rough. But what the hey. I think I'm due for some sort of luck...


So, as of late, I've been hitting up the internet for some decent viewing material. Yesterday I gave you Tedi. Today, I give you Ninjai: The Little Ninja. This series of animated shorts is the best series I have seen on the Internet. Period. Chapters 1 to 10 are out now, 11 and 12 are on there way, soon I hope. If you want to see what's the best little ninja out there, please watch this. And the best thing about it? They did all orginal music and it's GREAT MUSIC! While watching, I was sure that it had to be from some movie soundtrack. Nope, all original done by them, The Ninjai Gang. If you only have bandwidth to see one series of animated shorts, see this set. You'll like it. Oh yeah, probably isn't really be good for kids. That means you, David.


One tough stuffed bear

Yes, here's yet another short film that I found entertaining. It's simply called Tedi. As hosted on Atomfilms.com.

And I'd like to introduce you to my new site for my game related thoughts. Welcome to Game.this. The site isn't as defined Blogspot is, but it's a work in progress...I hope. Anyway, if you have any problems getting to it, let me know.



*sniff* April Fools...... *cries in the corner*